Born in Ghana, West Africa, Kute is an inspirational speaker and transformational leader. He has been inspiring audiences around the world from the first time he spoke in front of 3,000 people at the age of 8, later speaking in over 300 venues by the time he was 18. He helps organizations develop authentic leadership and achieve extraordinary performance. He is the author of the bestselling book You. Are. The. One. and The Magic of Surrender. Today, he is highly sought out by major companies, seeking to redefine their paradigm for success, and inspire greatness. He is a next generation world leader out to awaken millions to “love” and “living” their inspired destiny.

Memorable Quotes:
  • “I didn’t think this was the book I was going to write, but I discovered this was the book seeking to be written.”
  • “I soon realized nothing I could do was going to cure my mother, and I had to go through this process of surrendering.”
  • “She wasn’t attached to life, she wasn’t attached to death, she was in a complete state of surrender.”
  • “Surrender is the passage to freedom.”
  • “Control is the master addiction, and it’s also an illusion. If last year has taught us anything, it’s taught us we are not as in control as we thought.”
  • “It’s a shift from ‘What do I want?’ to ‘What is it that life wants to express or create through me?’”
  • “One of the reasons people are afraid of telling the truth is because they are afraid they will have to do something about it.”
  • “Take off the pressure of having to take action. Allow yourself to acknowledge the truth – no action needed. Just acknowledge it. Just be with it. You don’t have to act. The willingness is all you need.”
  • “What is it costing you to lie to yourself?”
  • “Pain is a messenger in our life. Pain is showing us where we’re not aligned.”
What You’ll Learn:

How the word surrender came into Kute’s life through his mother’s story, why we have a difficult time accepting the word itself, and why this book changed Dr. Michelle Robin’s life.

This Episode Includes:
  • How this book surprised Kute.
  • His last memories with his terminally ill mother and what he learned from her about the word surrender.
  • The misconceptions about the word in our culture today – what it is, and what’s not.
  • What becomes of our life when we surrender to things happening around us – and how that brings us more joy in the end.
  • What the word courage means to Kute.
  • What Kute says to people when they ask, “How do I start to surrender?”
  • Why playing a game of confusion allows us to avoid the act of surrendering.
  • What Kute tells people when they ask how they will know if they are living their destiny.
  • Why we must remember what life is really about.
Three Takeaways from Today’s Episode:
  1. Ego isn’t a thing – it’s a process. The challenge is not our ego. It’s the overidentification with ourselves. When we learn to stop identifying ego as a “thing” to get rid of and start accepting it’s something we need to “shift” – we experience more freedom.
  2. As children, we are born free. Growing up, we fall into patterns – or become conditioned – to who we think we need to be so we can be loved. Is this really who you are or is this who you are conditioned?
  3. Spiritual practice isn’t about yoga, meditating, or other things like it. Spiritual practice is telling yourself the truth.

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