Join us as we welcome Barbara Unell and Tricia Rausch on this week’s episode, where they share the story how ParentCare was founded in Kansas City. ParentCare was developed with guidance from Barbara Unell, a parent educator, author of Discipline with Love and Limits, and founder of the Raised with Love and Limits Foundation. Tricia is a Registered Nurse and Coordinator of Perinatal Bereavement at AdventHealth and has teamed up with Barbara to ensure this program gives parents everything they need to raise their little ones. ParentCare is the first free program of its kind in the United States, where parents and caregivers have a place to go with questions or concerns about yourself or your children and get free, trusted, personal answers from experts who will listen at AdventHealth.

Memorable Quotes:
  • “A family becomes healthier when parents take care of themselves.”
  • “The foundation is based on resources all parents and caregivers deserve to know about.”
  • “There’s no cost to the program, but there is a cost to your well-being if you don’t find something like ParentCare.”
  • “We are not trying to ‘get rid of’ stress in life – that’s impossible. What we’re trying to do is mitigate stress, so it doesn’t become toxic in the body.”
  • “The number one factor for kids to stress less begins with relational health. They need personal relationships with parents and their caregivers who know how to be emotionally engaged with them.”
  • “Our culture seems to be returning to a simple concept – which is working together in order to tackle things.”
What You’ll Learn:

Why ParentCare’s mission is about transferring the science into people’s hands, how relational health can change an entire family’s health, and why parents and caregivers have a difficult time accepting the word “support”.

This Episode Includes:
  • The difference between the levels of stress our body experiences.
  • Why parents feel overwhelmed raising kids these days, yet don’t know where to turn for help.
  • Tools for parents to build better relationships and communication patterns with their kids.
  • Understanding every child and a family’s need is different – and why it’s less about a manual, but more about the communication and connection with each other.
  • How parents even with adult children (who now have their own kids) are now able to build better relationships together through tools and resources found at ParentCare.
  • Knowing what relational health really looks like in our life.
Three Takeaways from Today’s Episode:
  1. CARE is an acronym for Coaching, Advice, Resources, and Education.
  2. It’s critical parents and caregivers learn self-care, but also learn how to navigate the system and resources available to them.
  3. This program helps build positive, nurturing, and safe relationships to reduce the toxic stress that leads to the Top 10 Health Issues in our culture today.
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