The Quadrants of Wellbeing mean looking at your body from a Mechanical, Chemical, Energetical, and Psychospiritual perspective on health. The idea is that when we listen to all areas of our health, and we don’t isolate physical pain from what we are thinking and feeling, for example, we are better able to get to the root of health issues, and start living with our most optimal health and wellbeing. If you learn and practice each of the lessons in these quadrants, your body will feel so good, you don’t even have to hit the snooze button!


Energy is this thing that we can’t measure or see on a lab test, but we can’t live without. It is kind of like breath in that way. You are constantly breathing, but the breath itself isn’t something that you can see. But just like we can feel ourselves breathing, you can feel the effects of energy.

One way that most of us have felt energy is walking into a room where people have been interacting. Remember when you’ve walked into a room where people have been fighting? The energy is kind of thick and heavy. Imagine walking into a room where there’s a lot of joy and people are happy; the energy is kind of light. We might call that a mood or a vibe or just energy, but it is all that energy force.

Just like we all have had times when we feel energy in a room, we can also feel it from a person. Jeannine Midgett, the manager of Healthe Communities, says, “It’s tactile. When a person has joy, you want to be around that person.” The opposite is also often true.

Energy and Dis-ease

For many of us, thinking about energy with the health of our bodies is a foreign idea. But in Chinese medicine, they have been studying energy for 5,000 years. They call it qi (usually pronounced ‘chee’) and describe it as the life-force that runs through your body. What Chinese medicine knows is that the qi energy is meant to flow through the body, but it can get blocked, and if it gets blocked, it can cause disease.

Your energy can be affected by many different things that can raise or lower your it, or cause a block in your energy.

External factors that can impact your energy are:

  • Physical trauma
  • Emotional trauma
  • The people that you surround yourself with
  • Technological devices, like your cellphone, computer, or wearable device

Each of these factors come from outside your body and impact the energy that runs through your body. People and technological devices impact your energy because they come with their own energy. The electrical forces in our devices, in a sense, interfere with our own wiring.

Internal factors can also impact your energy:

  • How you think
  • How you speak

The thoughts you have can impact your physical health and your physical wellbeing.

Healing your Energy

Dr. Suzanne Rowden, a doctor of functional and integrative medicine, says, “Energy medicine works on a different plane trying to identify different ways that we can unblock blockages, or help to move things, or help the energy to get back into balance.” So there are things you can do to help correct energetical imbalances.

One way to reset your energy at the end of the day is to take an epsom salt soak. Epsom salt works as a grounding agent and helps to wash away your stress and cares of the day. After the bath, don’t pick up your electronic devices or turn on the TV, because that will undo all your good work.

Courtney Thomas, the president and CEO of Central Exchange, says that one way to change our energy is to make sure that the thoughts we allow to circle in our minds are positive. Dr. Rowden says that we can help ourselves heal by what we say and how we speak. The energy of the words we listen to, whether they are out loud or only in our heads can have an impact on our physical bodies.

Another way to move your energy field is through acupuncture. A licensed acupuncturist can diagnose you by feeling your pulse and looking at your tongue. They can help diagnose where your energy is stuck, and really, in a sense, blow that energy field out so you can feel more alive again. Everyone can benefit from experiencing acupuncture.

The Energy Quadrant

The Energy Quadrant is one that many people are not familiar with. Often they have not been able to explore it as much as they want. But, you can’t be well if you are ignoring your Energy Quadrant. Because at the end of the day, we really are a vibration, and how can we really share good energy out into the world if we ignore our energy and let our vibration be low?

You can make many small changes that will boost your vibration and your energy and will put the odds in your favor to live your healthiest life.

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