The Energetic Quadrant is about the energy field in our body and how it is impacted by other energy fields around us. The Energetic Quadrant is related to our wholebody wellbeing. What are some of the small changes that we can make to reshape our Energetic Quadrant?

Dr. Suzanne Rowden

Dr. Suzanne Rowden is board certified in Family Medicine and Integrative Holistic Medicine. She has been practicing as a family physician for 25 years and believes in using all health sciences to help her patients live healthy lives. With integrative medicine, she incorporates many different disciplines into her medical practice.

What is Energy Medicine?

One of the health sciences that Dr. Rowden brings to her patients is energy medicine. The Energetic Quadrant is the least familiar to everyone, so some of the tools that Dr. Rowden mentions might be unfamiliar.

Although we may not immediately connect the dots, Dr. Rowden points out that we see the evidence of our body’s energy through common tests used in Western medicine (also known as allopathic medicine). One test that can show the body’s energy is an EKG. An EKG (or electrocardiogram) records the electrical activity of the heart through diodes placed on the skin. With diodes placed on our skin, we can read the energy from the heart, even from diodes placed as far away as the arms and feet.

Energy medicine focuses on the ways that energy moves in the body. It looks at how to unblock energy that has become blocked or how to get energy back in balance. Dr. Rowden explains, “In Chinese medicine they might talk about qi or meridians, and in homeopathy we talk about vital force.”

Dr. Rowden trained in homeopathy, so she often views energy from the perspective of vital force.

Energy tools you can use for your health

There are a lot of tools that people can utilize to help themselves be well:


The first energy tool that Dr. Rowden mentions is acupuncture. Acupuncture, a practice that is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is recommended by the World Health Organization as a safe and beneficial wellness modality. Acupuncture has been practiced for 5,000 years.

In acupuncture, you will lay down and the licensed acupuncturist will insert very thin needles into your skin. Acupuncturists decide where to place the needles based on their assessment of 12 meridians, or energy channels. Often they will assess how your energy is flowing through these meridians by looking at your tongue and feeling the pulse in your wrist.

Acupuncture is used to treat a wide variety of illnesses, including migraines, depression, arthritis, and PTSD. Changing how the energy flows through your body can assist in healing and in maintaining wellness.


Dr. Rowden trained in homeopathy as a complement to her medical school studies. Homeopathy uses homeopathic medicines created from plants and minerals to treat illnesses and symptoms.

Homeopathic medicines may sound like traditional or conventional Western medicine where you are prescribed a pill to treat your symptoms. However, the difference is in how homeopathic medicines are created. They are created from plants, minerals, or animal products. These substances are diluted until there is almost nothing left. But this is where homeopathic medicines become energy medicine. Instead of relying on the chemical composition of the medicine, homeopathy relies on the energy present in the plant, mineral, or animal products to treat the illness.

Homeopathic medicines can be purchased at most natural grocery and natural health stores by simply looking for the symptom you want to treat (like a cold or runny nose). If you want to treat more serious or chronic symptoms with homeopathy, make an appointment with a homeopathic doctor to get their expert guidance.

Foot detoxification pads

Finally, Dr. Rowden mentions foot detoxification pads that you can buy from many places, including Amazon. You stick the pads to the bottom of your feet overnight and they detoxify your body while you sleep. Dr. Rowden explains the theory is that the pads work because “they open up these negative ion channels and allow the body to open up meridians and detoxify.”

Remember that in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the meridians are 12 channels that carry energy through your body. By opening those channels overnight, the foot detox pads can help remove blocked energy and improve how the energy is flowing through your body.

Dr. Rowden tells a story about her sister’s successful experience using the foot detoxification pads: “My sister had plantar fasciitis for months and months. She’d seen podiatrists and orthopedists and she had gotten foot inserts and a bunch of things, but she could hardly walk. I told her, go get this foot detox pad and let’s see what that does.

She called me two nights later and said, ‘it’s gone. It’s completely gone.’ I didn’t even think they could work that fast.”

The foot detoxification pads are not filled with chemicals that can cause this change. Instead they are working with the energy in the body.

Dr. Rowden reminds us that there are “other tools that people can use. The important part is to open your mind to the fact that everything doesn’t have to be healed by a pill.” One of the small changes that we can make to improve our health is opening our minds to the many other tools that we can use to increase our wellness.

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