In this episode of Small Changes Big Shifts our very own Chief Operations Officer, Jamie Durner, comes on the show to interview Dr. Michelle Robin about the mission and vision of the podcast. Jamie is a whole person practitioner, wellbeing program developer and facilitator, and a health, life, and business mentor and coach. She started working with Small Changes Big Shifts in 2021.

Memorable Quotes:
  • “I know that there’s a lot of uncertainty in the world, but what I am certain about is if you will dial into your own inner-knowing, and you’ll do more good stuff than bad stuff for your body on a daily basis, when you lay your head down on your pillow at night, that you will have your health.”
  • “I want to make sure I use all the talent that God or Creator gave me.”
  • “Jamie, I’m afraid every day. I’m a fear-based personality. So, you know, I’m afraid every day, but I do it anyway. I want to tell you I don’t like getting on stage. I don’t like being on camera. I do it anyway because I feel the calling of my spirit a little bit greater so I can go on and on.
  • “Always pray to have eyes to see the best in yourself, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad, and a soul that never loses faith.”
What You’ll Learn:

The mission of the Small Changes Big Shifts podcast, how to take advantage of what you learn by tunning in, and a little bit of Dr. Robin’s heart and vision for 2022.

This Episode Includes:
  • How Jamie Durner met Dr. Michelle Robin and became a member of the Small Changes Big Shifts Team.
  • 2022 is Dr. Robin’s 30th year in practice and instead of dialing down she is planning to continue bringing the community together by telling stories of wellbeing and inviting experts to the podcast.
  • The Wellness Consortiums, which are a group of people in the Kansas City area, working around whole person health, are one of the key components of building community in the area.
  • The goal of Small Changes Big Shifts is to be “seed planters” of wellness in the lives of those we come in contact with.
  • Pursuing a healthier version of you allows you to be a “go-giver.”
  • We look a little into Dr. Robin’s story of pursing her own health and the mentors who helped her along the way.
  • Your vibe attracts your tribe.
  • Choosing a word for the year helps you solidify your life’s purpose and goals. Dr. Robin’s word last year was “surrender.” This year she thinks it might be “joy.” Jamie’s word for the year is “play.”
  • Robin’s hope for the Small Changes Big Shifts podcast is for people to hear one idea, one thought, one connection, one word that will help them along on their journey.
  • A few of the upcoming interviews and plans for the podcast for the year 2022.
Three Takeaways from Today’s Episode:
  1. Consider choosing a “WORD” for the upcoming year, or even just the first half of the year, that will resonate with your purpose and goals for 2022.
  2. Write with your feedback on how the show has impacted you and how it’s helped you be a go-giver for others and what you’re interested in hearing more about!
Episode Transcript:
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Dr. Robin

Well, welcome back to Small Changes, Big Shifts, Building rhythm and resilience. Hey, welcome to the year 2022. Wow. Has time flown by. This is starting our 7th year of doing this podcast Small Changes, Big Shifts. In case you want to know we did do two years on blog talk radio with my friend Kelly Scaling. So officially, it’s our 9th season. But this is our 7th year of doing our own show on this platform, Small Changes, Big Shifts.

I thought I’d turn the table today and I invited our new chief operations officer of Small Changes Big Shifts to Jamie Durner join us. Jamie is a whole person practitioner, well-being program developer and facilitator, health life and business mentor coach. I guess you’re going to see really quick why we connected. So I want to tell you a little bit more about Jamie.

Jamie and I met Gosh a handful of years ago. Jamie moved to Kansas City with her husband for his job, and she started her practice back up and her mentoring practice. And she reached out to me and we started a connection. And who knew it was going to lead to where it is at today? Huh Jamie?


That is so true. We never know where that first step is going to take us, especially on our walks together.

Dr. Robin

Yeah, that’s what’s so great about walking and talking. And you know, when your souls with your people, it will figure out a way to collaborate together. So, Jamie and I were going for a walk again in the spring of 2021, and Jamie was sharing with me that she was moving back to Colorado to be close to family and help her mother and her nieces and nephews. And so in doing that, we started talking about our passion for whole person health and how do we get the message out to helping out our community? And so I invited Jamie to join me as our chief operations officer of Small Changes, Big Shifts.

And so, Jamie, I’m delighted you said yes.

Dr. Robin

Well, thank you. It’s always a delight to be with you, Michelle. Jamie.

Dr. Robin

So why did you say yes to Small Changes, Big Shifts and what’s it meant to you over the last few years being plugged into this movement?


Well, I remember when I first started coming to the Wellness Consortiums and hearing you speak, it was like coming home that you and I were speaking the same language with slightly different dialects is how I would phrase it. So I loved your message, your energy, the commitment and the movement. From the time I was young, I have been drawn to make a difference in the world, and that showed up in many different ways. And it felt like especially moving to a new community that I had found my home of other people who were interested in sharing this change in the world, specifically through whole person health, which is what my entire practice really has been about.

Dr. Robin

You know, you said the words that make a difference. And I believe that most people truly want to make a difference and they want to matter. And I’ve got on my desk here, and you actually helped connect me to the You Matter whole movement. I’ve got a you matter card right here on my desk and to all of you listening today, you matter, you matter, whether you reach out and say, hey, Michelle, I heard Jamie or I heard John or I heard Sonya, and I took away this message. You matter whether you do that or not. And so if you’re just sitting on the sidelines and soaking in the information and putting into action, we invite you to do that.

Jamie, there’s something you said about the movement, and I want to kind of explain that a little bit. And then I’m going to turn the questioning over to you for a little bit. I love being able to shift a little bit because sometimes I don’t know what people want to hear. And so it’s always nice to have somebody a third party say, hey, Michelle, here’s some questions that we have.

So when you talk about the movement, Jamie, 2022 is a very special year for many reasons. One it’s a lot of choose. But also it’s my 30th year in practice. I’ve been around the movement at size 15. Do the math. It’ll be 40 plus years. It’s 40 plus years now, actually. And March 1, I celebrate my 30th year in practice. And on my 25th year, Jamie, which was pretty much right after my accident I had. I was hearing the words from my spirit to celebrate wellbeing. And I thought that I was kind of to be totally transparent, At 25 years, I was going to start to kind of shrink down my practice and just show up and take care of patients and maybe have a little bit more, I’m going to air quote here for people that are listening have more time.

And so I hired a company overflow Storytelling Labs to tell the story of well being. And I was clear because of this podcast is already going and we had sponsors. But I was really clear. My spirit said to me, Michelle, you’re going to tell the story of well being. You’re going to say thank you to Kansas City for supporting you. I moved here knowing one family. And so on hearing that, and my spirit said, by the way, and you’re going to pay for it all yourself. And I was like, oh, okay. So I had to tell my sponsors, thank you so much for all your support. But this year, on my 25th year, which kicked off March 1 of 2017, I was going to tell the story of wellbeing and say thank you to Kansas City community. And once again thinking in March of 2018 that I would be able to just kind of start dialing it back.

Jamie, in that storytelling, we talked about how we are building community and we’re bringing together these, likeminded people like you mentioned the Wellness Consortiums, and I would love to hear, what do you think about the Wellness Consortiums and how did it help you as a practitioner and community person?

Dr. Robin

Well, the Wellness Consortiums, which are a group of people in the Kansas City area, working around whole person health. It really is like a family a lot of times, at least in my own story. I’ll tell my own story, running my own practice for 25 years. It wasn’t like I was around people, but a lot of those people were coming to me as clients, looking for me for support. And although I had good friends, it wasn’t that I work day in and day out with other people because it was a private practice.

And so the consortiums I know for myself and I’ve heard from others really provide that anchor and support for each other when we’re running our own business. And that support is crucial, because if we’re giving out to people all the time, we need to make sure that we’re filling our own cups back up. And that includes professionally, right, and professionally in the space where it really is built on collaboration, not competition, which is a key part of what those consortiums are. It’s how do we come together with all of our own great inner gifts in genius to serve the communities and the people we’re meant to but do it together because we are always better together.

Dr. Robin

Always better together. So the Wellness Consortium, and hopefully we’ll continue to bring one closer to your communities. And as we were going through this year of telling the story of Wellbeing, and you can go to our small Changes Big Shifts website and see some of the videos or go to our YouTube account.

And we were telling the story about the quadrants of well-being, mechanical, chemical, energetical, psychospiritual, and how you could enhance those areas in your life to live more whole or wholly. And so come to a situation with your full self.

And so as we were telling that story and we interviewed medical doctors, chiropractors, community leaders, patients, psychologists and all kinds of people to help tell that story. We also are having these providers gather and build their own community. Think about it kind of like a business networking group or like our friends at the Chamber. They do a great job of bringing together community. And our job is to bring together the wellbeing community because you don’t have to explain that. What’s that foreign language. What is Feng Shui? Yes, you may have to go dive deeper in it, but what is Feng Shui or what is energy or EMS? What does all that stand for? Most people have an idea, at least in the wellness space of that language. So that’s part of our movement is the Wellness Consortium. And, Jamie, I’m so glad you’re helping lead that effort with me.


Thank you. And it’s humbling and a privilege to be a part of it.

Dr. Robin

So, Jamie, I’m going to turn the question over to you before you start asking me questions. Would you explain the small changes, big shifts movement? And how we have different pillars.


Yeah. Well, I went back, Michelle and listened to the first podcast over the last couple of days. I actually listened to it twice because I’ve known your story, but I actually didn’t know you at that time and kind of wanted to get to the roots of it. And one of the key things that stood out for me that remains true today, as you said, that one, you totally know without doubt that when you combine the different aspects of us as a whole person, it creates a life of well being, right.

And then if people make one change a month at the time of how you held it out, one change a month for twelve months that would change their life. And to me, that is the mission of small Changes big Shifts, right. We are here to help people come alive, to really connect back to that full, authentic person that they are and are meant to be and meant to be doing in the world. And the fact that we all have kind of these stories that have happened to us that have gotten in the way.

Some of that is clearing that out and finding the resources and tools that we need to help us reconnect back to ourselves, our best selves, and be able to bring that forward. ‘

And so, at Small Changes Big Shifts we do a lot of that through organizations and corporations, right. Bringing that message out through companies but touching individual lives and helping them come alive. And it all fits together because the consortiums are the practitioners that help serve and carry that work from one to one in the community.

So I call us Seed Planters. When we go out and give presentations and programs on whole person health, we plant that seed of what the possibilities are. We create that spark of excitement, enthusiasm and through our communities and the work that we continue to do with our consortium members. We provide the structure to help people carry it forward. And the message of small changes speak so deeply to me because as part of my background as a coach, we know that we can’t do it all at once.

But having that right step at the right time. When we listen from our heart and we hear what comes through on those podcasts, you also said not everything. Not every guest you hear will resonate with you. But absolutely, when you keep listening to those podcasts, you will find that next small step to take that’s going to create the big shift in your life. And I think that’s really what we’re all about, right?

Dr. Robin

Yeah. I totally agree with this. In my own life, it’s been the small changes that have led to big shifts. You talked about the Wellness Consortium community. You talked about how we’re out working with our great partners or community organizations to help spread the message, whether it’s the Salvation Army or, in our case, two of our great local Champions, Advent Health and Community America credit Union for helping bring the show to our listeners. It’s such a fun journey, isn’t it so much fun?


It is. So you keep saying you’re going to turn the table over to me? Do I get to ask some questions now? All years, you do such a masterful job of being the interview, Michelle, it’s a little bit daunting to be on the other side. So I’m going to do my best today. My biggest curiosity right now is I know why you started this movement, but let’s just recap if you could recap for people, what brought you really to do this, especially when you were on the cusp of kind of dialing it back. Why are you continuing to put your time in energy and investment into bringing this message forward?

Dr. Robin

Jamie, there’s multiple answers to that. I would say the primary answer is, I’ve been so blessed in my own life, and I’m looking at this wall over here to my right that some of our listeners will know because you hear me talk about it, it says your vibe attracts your tribe. And I have my mentors over here that inspired me to take the next step and poured hope and healing into me. And so, Jamie, you know, a little bit of my story had some drama and trauma growing up. Like most people, I’m not saying I’m any different. I just have had the privilege of looking backwards. And I do that a lot.

In the E Factor book, where I talk about engage, energize and enrich three steps to vibrant health. And I really, truly believe that once you get engaged in a journey, you get energy. And when you get energy, you think about how do I give out more energy? And you think about how do you enrich?

I’m in an interesting season of my life, and I look back, and I can remember sitting in class, oddly enough, in January of 1989. So 33 years ago this week, and Dr. Carl Cleveland said the next three years are going to go like this. And he did. He made a snap like that. And it’s been 33 years. And I just think about how I was a wounded 22 year old sitting in class there, wanting to make a difference.

But thinking about how much chiropractic had shifted me with Dr. John Lakin and his wife, Carol Lakeen. And as a person, oddly enough, and I always think this is odd that I hurt my pelvis. When the first time we went to a chiropractor, Wes Hendrix, Wes, if you’re listening, I’m giving you another shout out. We are playing basketball, gym class, and I got jammed into the bleachers and I hurt my pelvis. And my mother took me to the hospital and nothing was broken. And so I’m from a small town, Parsons. So she took me to the chiropractor. And I knew the chiropractor because I taught his kids bowling lessons.

I remember zero about the chiropractic experience of the adjustment. I remember how they made me feel. And they knew that I had some family trauma at home, and they just started pouring hope into me, Jamie. And so I think if I was laying on my last words right, lying in bed, taking my last breath, I’d be thinking of how they said, I matter. And at that young age, I was hanging onto a vine like so many people are, whether you’re young or old right now, we’re hanging on to a hope that we make a difference in somebody’s life. And they made a huge difference in my life. And I really want to pay it forward. ‘

And I have this beautiful cross that a patient gave me, actually from out of town. It was a chiropractor’s wife. They came in to Kansas City and got treated, and they gave me a cross. It’s above my door in my treating room. And it basically is about an Irma Bombek, saying that says, “I want to make sure I use all the talent that God or Creator gave me for me.” I want to use the talent that God gave me. And I don’t feel like I am that smart or that business savvy. I just have a big heart because of the people like Dr. John and Dr. Yeti and Dr. Swickert and Barnett Hellsberg and Fred Pryor and Linda Finston and so many other people that have poured into me, Jamie.

So I believe at the core of it is I want to know that I use the talent that God gave me, and I pay it forward for all the people that I’ve poured into me.


And I can hear how enriched all of your life has been. And I have found that true, too. I think we all bear our challenges. That’s part of what makes us who we are today and coming out on the other side. And I hear that this work really energizes you, which I also relate to, because when I moved to Colorado, I thought I was going to begin to slow down a little. And with you and the work we’re doing, it’s energizing.

I find that I’m working more and harder, but it’s more and harder, but not feeling harder, which ties into the word that I’m taking for this year to guide me is “play.” Everything that I’m doing right now with small changes, because it comes from the heart, because it is a sole mission that lines up, it doesn’t feel like work. It feels like playing. It energizes us. And that is part of what inspires people like you and I and many others out there in the world to keep giving back and paying it forward.

Dr. Robin

I don’t officially have my word yet, Jamie. Sometimes it takes me, I just got to sit with it. And so I agree. And I was with some friends recently and they said, when are you going to dial it back? And I said, I don’t feel like I want to dial it back. Yes. We all look a little different. Am I having more fun playing Pickleball, which you’ve joined me now you’ve got Pickleball bug, too.’

The need is so great, and it means it’s not really necessarily a burden. It’s this desire to take the- connections that have come along my way and make those connections to see if we could change a life or two lives or who knows, maybe a billion lives?


Absolutely. So I know there’s a lot of things out there that call people’s attention. What do you feel like makes the small changes, big shifts, podcast, different and worth people tuning into?

Dr. Robin

Such a great question. Well, I hope that it’s my harsh desire that people hear one idea, one thought, one connection, one word that will help them along the journey. I know when I tune into podcasts, it’s because I want to keep moving forward and not stay stagnant.

We know that when you have stagnant energy from a Chinese medicine perspective, it keeps you from being your full self. And maybe just in that moment, you just never know. Maybe they’re going to hear somebody that they start to follow, like a John O’Leary or Sony Chauquette or a Test Masters. And all three of them are in different kind of genres.

We’ve got John really talking about inspiration. We call that the psychology and Sonya really talking about the energy and the spirit and Tess talking about the nutrition and Dr. Bill Davis. Talking about listening to the show has changed my life. Jamie, maybe I’m so full and I’m not going to call it selfish. Maybe I’m self-full that I’m getting a chance to talk to some magnificent people that encourage and share something with me that sticks.

I want people to know that there’s a litmus test you got to think about. Does it really stick and resonate for you? I’m not saying this is all right for you, but when you hear something and it has a certain vibration, a certain connectivity, I would say, look at that a little bit deeper and sit with it and see if it continues to come up for you, which that’s what happens for me.

Something will come up two or three times. I’m like, okay, Michelle, you’re not done with this. Keep on exploring now.


One of the things that I really appreciate about the show is you highlight the breadth and the depth of what well-being can be and what it looks like. And I think that’s important, because so oftentimes I think we can get pigeonholed and just thinking that health or wellbeing or feeling good is about this one small thing over here and that we know that it really has to do with so many different aspects. Specifically, we talk in the language of the quadrants of wellbeing, so that mechanical and chemical and energetic and psychospiritual, and that it’s really finding that harmony between for each of us of what that is. Your show brings an opportunity to hear from so many incredible people about what those possibilities might be. And I know that as I’ve listened to some of the shows, it’s not necessarily new information, but it reminds me sometimes what I’ve forgotten or gives me a new tweak or insight on it and energizes me and brings me back into it.

So, I find the show is just incredibly uplifting and positive. So, thank you for bringing everybody on that. You do well, it’s so fun.

Dr. Robin

Like I said, I get as much out of it. And I always have a takeaway. Always is a strong word. I’d say 99% of the time. There’s a takeaway where I go. Okay. All right. I can add that. And I love what you said. There’s really not a lot of new stuff. There’s some fun stuff right now. It’s interesting. I just got a chance to take a tour of a place in Arizona that had a piece of equipment that I’ve been kind of thinking about buying. It’s very expensive last year. And it was interesting to be in there thinking about my history and chiropractic and thinking about red light therapy and laser therapy. And how Doctor John, back in the early 80s, had red light therapy until the FDA pulled it. And now it’s really hot right now.

Right. So it’s fascinating to, as you said, to look at it. And how do we go back to some of the medicines? I was talking to one of my clients that has COBET. And I said, by the way, are you putting, like, any coconut oil with essential oils on your chest? He goes, you mean, like my grandmother used to put Vicks on my chest? I said, exactly. He said, no, but great idea. And so there’s all these little things that we could do kind of going back to folklore medicine, right. Of course, with the new technology.

So it gets jazzed me to think about how do we bring some of that new stuff to our listeners? And how do we remind them what they already know?


Yes. Well. And you also said something that, you know, this show, obviously you have a heart mission to bring it out and share and guide other people in creating their best life. And it’s been impactful for you. And I know that as professionals, everything that we do professionally, and all of the training and the experiences certainly benefits us personally as well. When you look back over these last six years, is there anything that stood out to you that might be, like one of those high impactful moments that you could share with listeners today of how it’s really touched you?

Dr. Robin

Oh, gosh, Jamie, there’s probably so many, but I’m going to share one that truly also transformed a lot of my patients because I take what I learned and I put it inside. I’m going to call clients, put it inside and teach my clients. I was talking to a client about this yesterday, and you’ll be hearing from Dr. William Davis pretty soon. Dr. William Davis wrote the book Wheat Belly, and I got a chance to interview him a few times. And he’s actually in the E Factor book. ‘

And he was talking about the science of wheat and how it’s changed and how it impacts the gut and the body’s ability to absorb. And I’m not saying you all need to come off wheat. I’m just saying, you need to listen a little bit better. Maybe not have so much wheat. But at that time, I have had several patients suffering from Hashimoto’s autoimmune.

I would say Hashimoto is probably the thing I track the most just because of my partner having Hashimoto’s and trying to figure out how to walk that, navigate that health journey. And so, I had a client this week, and we’re talking about Hashimoto’s and that’s recent a diagnose and she’s like, okay, I have no idea. Okay. What do I do?

And when I was interviewing Bill Davis, he said, Michelle, here’s the deal. A lot of people will go gluten free, but they go gluten free, processed like rice crackers. And at that time, to be totally transparent, we were eating probably three or four boxes of rice crackers a week in our house. And when he said that we’re like, Boom, we very seldom have rice crackers or crackers, period now, occasionally, but not where you’re having some every single day.

And so I would say, Bill Davis, like I said, we’re going to have on in the next few weeks. He truly transformed my chemical Quadrant. And I would tell you, there’s people in each of the quadrants that have transformed me. Bill Davis, for sure. Chemistry Quadrant was probably one of the biggest changes. I used to have a chronic mid back pain, Jamie. And sometimes I forget I’ve had it until a patient comes in with it or a client comes in with back pain. Kind of  like it was a gallbladder type pain. And I’d be doubled over. And I remember in my old office, which gives me the timing, 20 plus years ago, one of my massage therapists came and I was in the bathroom kind of doubled over.

And, Jamie, I had a full house of patients, and she was like, Are you okay. I said, not really. She goes here we’ll try this licorice. And so I tried this. So I started eating this kind of black licorice medicinal pill chewable. And it helped me. And then when I gave up gluten, Jamie, the pain went away and I forgot I even had the pain. And that’s what happens with people is they forget. They forget they had the condition. And I would say that Bill Davis, that’s the chemistry part that changed my life.

Sonia, who I’ve known for 20 plus years. I think about the words that she’s poured into me. Michelle, be curious. And one of the things that comes with me. And one of my favorite exercises she does is if I weren’t afraid, I would.

Jamie, I’m afraid every day. I’m a fear-based personality. So, you know, I’m afraid every day, but I do it anyway. So, like doing the show, I want to tell you I don’t like getting on stage. I don’t like being on camera. I do it anyway because I feel the calling of my spirit a little bit greater so I can go on and on. But those are two examples.


Yeah. It always surprises me when you say that you’re not comfortable going on stage because you have such an amazing presence. And I think that’s just your heart really shining through. And the spirit giving you that support you need. So anything that you want to share with listeners is kind of like a tantalizing highlight of what we have planned or what you have planned for 2022 that you might want to give a little glimpse of.

Dr. Robin

Well, I could tell you the first quarter and give you some fun ideas. Jamie, you know me. I really listen to my divine self, my spirit. And for those of you listening, I’m a spiritual mud. I was not raised in any Church. I went to many churches, so I don’t have a lot of dogma about necessarily religion. I have a lot of dogma around hate. I have a lot of energy around love. And so whatever it is that helps you love yourself more.

So for me, when I dial into an inner knowing that I call spirit, some of you may call God, some of you may call Buddha. That inner knowing guides me. And so for the next 90 days, what I can tell you is I’m super excited about the small changes, Big Shifts movement.

We’ve brought on Jamie full time. She works for our movement, thanks to our sponsors like Advent, Health and Community America Credit Union, and then all the corporate people we get to serve like the Lockton’s, the citywide, the Je Duns, the McGowan, Gordon, all those companies. Thank you for saying yes to this message and also letting us bring in other facilitators that are within our movement.

The Wendy Bashes of the world, who some of you have heard, or the Jamie Derners of the world, or the Crystal Jenkins of the world that get to go out and speak on behalf of this movement. Super excited about that. Excited about Audrey Robin, who is helping with our podcast and social media. And I’m excited to come back to them, come back to you daily. Just so you know, all of you. I’m announcing this. I’m not okay. This is my team.

I’m going to come back to you daily with a quote of the day or a wellness tip of the day. I just feel that serves my soul a lot. It reminds me. So you’ll be looking forward to those. You probably got your first one yesterday on January 1.

So I’ll be bringing you that step because I just don’t know. I know that there’s a lot of uncertainty in the world, but what I am certain about is if you will dial into your own inner knowing and you’ll do more good stuff than bad stuff for your body on a daily basis, when you lay your head down on your pillow at night, that you will have your help. I call it your health account, will have more credits and debits that you will start to live a life that you’re designed to live and you’re going to debit your body.

I’m going to have alcohol. I’m going to have sugar. I’m going to have French fries, especially on Fridays, but I’m not going to do it every day. And there’s going to be days where I have self-doubt, probably about every day. The question is, can it last one moment or the last 1 minute of the last 30 minutes or 60 minutes? So, Jamie, we’re going to invite people on this journey with this us year with the help of Jamie and Desiree and our behind the scenes guy, Zack, we cannot help but give a shout out to him. He’s been with me for a long time. And like I said, Audrey Robin, my niece and then Bailey Petty, as we not only are carrying the small Changes big Shift message board, but along with our Big Shift Foundation, where we are starting here in the next couple of days, we are starting eight participants through a six month program that many of you have written checks to us or made donations to that you support this message. We are grateful for that. So, Jamie, I’m Super excited about all the things that we have planned.

I’m excited that you’re really at the helm, and I always say that Jamie is my new boss. She tells me what to do. Jamie, I’m also excited about our upcoming year. Next week, we’ll have the authors from one word on with us and one word this year wrapping up right now, my new word is not coming up, but it’s in the way I thought. I know it has been surrender, and it has been life changing for me.

I feel like I’m about done with it. I’m starting to get that feeling. I don’t think it’s going to be my word for 2022. Officially, I think I have an idea what it may be. It may be joy, but we’ll see I haven’t got the clear go on that. So it’d be fun to have our Listers go through that kind of here.

We’ll have John O’Leary on who will definitely inspire you. He’s got a fantastic story, and he’s always doing some really fun things behind the scenes. And of course, we’ll bring on some of our great regulars, Sony and Tess and Frank Ferrante, who are dear friends of mine who actually helped me on the journey.

There are people that I call that help inspire me, as well as some really fun new people to the journey. And so that’s what I’m excited. I’m excited that people are going to hear maybe a small change or one word or a thought or an idea or one connection that will propel them to their next best self.


Wow. And you know, as I hear you as we’re wrapping up, just shouting out once again, acknowledging that we are better together and this show in our movement is not made up of you and I, or our small team, but really, all of us, all of us in the local Kansas City community, all of us in the growing community and all of our listeners here. You are part of this community and part of this movement. And so in addition to thinking about, I invite you all to think about what you want to take away from today’s show or from any of the shows. Think about also how you want to give it back. So, Michelle, one of the things you often bring up in the Wellness Consortiums is about being a go giver, right?

Yes, we want to sell ourselves up. We want to make ourselves whole and connect. But then what do we want to do with it? Where can we let that cup overflow? So, for everyone who’s listening today, know that this message is here for you and that we are better together. I’d love to have you give us in the show notes or writing in how you feel like this is touching not only your life, but what it’s helping you do in the world, because we’re all here to make a difference.

And with that, Michelle, I know that you like to end by giving people something to take away or a small challenge. So what would be the small challenge that you might issue as we start this next 2022 year?

Dr. Robin

Jamie, I’m going to encourage them to if they’ve never done the one word to maybe try it, give yourself at least this year, this 365 days, or maybe even 180 days and see how it pulls you in. That would be one thing. And then I loved your idea of reaching out to us. Let us know who you want to hear. I know people sending notes to say, well, you think about getting this person on the show. I’d love to hear some of their thoughts, so I think that’s a great idea.

Jamie, I’m going to take back over wrapping up and first of all, say thank you for saying yes to this bigger assignment. Thank you. And I love to end with a couple of common questions. Jamie, is there a song that inspires you or a quote that inspires you to keep going?


Well, I would say one of my favorite singers is a woman named Sonata MCAR. She basically does a lot of the sacred music from the Kundalini yoga tradition, and there is a song of hers called Divine Spirit that I often listen to. But I also want to share a quote today from Brendan Bouchard that I think personally feels relevant to me, but especially feels relevant to our mission. And it says, ‘the next level opens only after your next committed step. No matter how small you start, start something that matters.”

Dr. Robin

That’s a good one. Well, I’m going to say there’s a song that I love and I love Whitney Houston songs. I look to you in so many times when I’m on my knees and I think people may not realize how often I’m on my knees trying to figure out what if I’m doing is the right thing for the patient? The right thing for my team, the right thing for my family, the right thing for my community, the right thing for myself being that questioner, being that fear-based personality. I’m on my knees a lot. And so I’m just always trying to look and listen to something greater than myself so I can get out of my ego.

And then I love this quote. And I really want to share this with all of you today. Always pray. And I’m praying for you to have eyes to see the best. And it says the best in people. I’m going to say the best in yourself, “a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad and the soul that never loses faith.”

“Always pray to have eyes to see the best in yourself, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad, and a soul that never loses faith.”

So I’m grateful for your faith that you’re taking this journey with us this year. It is going to be a journey. We are going to shift past this time. I know it in my soul that we’re going to have a different conversation by fourth quarter around this whole covid. I know. I call it whacka mole. We’re in the whacka mole stage right now. It’s going to change, and you’re going to be better on the other side. And so I have faith in that. I have faith in you. And thank you for having faith in that. Thank you so much for joining us on small changes, big shifts. Once again, thanks to our sponsors and on health and Community American Credit Union, we couldn’t do it without your support. Blessings to all of you. Hey, let’s rock. 2022.

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