Help Us Promote the 31-Day Kindness Campaign

We are so thankful you are helping us get the word out to your tribe about our 31-Day Kindness Campaign.

This page was designed to make it easy for you to share and promote the campaign on various platforms.

We and our friends at Lockton are on a mission to reach 1 million people so we can reverse the mental health crisis happening in our world because of the pandemic.

We appreciate every single one of you – and your heart to help others!

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Verbiage to Use
on Your Platform
About the Campaign

Simply copy and paste this verbiage to post on your social pages or in an email. We’ve also included a suggestion on how to share it on your podcasts. Download the doc below.

Sample of the
Kindness Card
Postcard Decks

If you’d like to share or see what the 31-Day Kindness Card Decks look like, download the sample here. Card decks are available for purchase $8 per deck (more than 500) and $10 per deck (under 500).

31-Day Kindness
Campaign Overview

This document shares why this campaign was developed, why kindness matters more than ever at a time like this in our world, as well as different options available for companies and organizations.

Kindness Campaign

Download the Kindness Campaign heart logos and other branding images here.

Quotes About Kindness
For Social

Here are a few great quotes to share on your social pages or in an email.

Social Media Profile,
Cover and Banner Images

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram assets are available to download here.

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