21-Days to Rejuvenating Sleep Program



1. A Daily Sleep Guide
Every day for 21 days you will receive an email in your inbox. Each email will have a message from me and an assignment or tip to help you meet your daily sleep goal and improve your long-term sleep and wellbeing. Inside the emails you will learn:

  • How much sleep you really need
  • How to create a morning and evening routine
  • How to turn your bedroom into a sleeping sanctuary
  • Tips on how to declutter your life to make room for you and your needs
  • Images to help you find the best sleeping position
  • A plan to help you sleep well after the program
  • An mp3 meditation for “Loving Kindness”
  • …and so much more.

2. Sleep Plan – The Ultimate Prep List
To make this challenge as easy as possible, you have access to weekly prep lists to take the guesswork out of what you need for the week.

  • A prep list so you can know what you need each week to get the perfect night’s sleep
  • A week-to-week sleep log you can use to document your progress
  • Guides for creating your morning and evening routines

For $21, a dollar a day, you can get a fresh start. I promise you won’t think about your life – your stuff, how you spend your time, what you consume, and how you think – in the same way, ever again.



Note: Gmail users – If you don’t see an email, double check the junk/spam folders as well as the promotions tab for gmail users as sometimes the email may land in there accidentally.


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