Small Changes Big Shifts empowers people to whole health through balanced daily practices and wellness providers who guide them. The company educates our members who are consumers and professional providers, and offers programs and consulting services in whole-person health.

We believe the shift to whole-person health starts with greater access to interdisciplinary wellness providers and consistent, daily practice through The Quadrants of Wellbeing. We want to disrupt the current healthcare paradigm by empowering consumers with practices that put the odds in their favor to be well and stay well.

The Framework – Quadrants of Wellbeing

Whole health comes from four components or “quadrants”: mechanical, chemical, energetic and psychospiritual. Being healthy and staying well for a lifetime takes more than being diligent in one area, it requires balance and harmony across all four. Wellness empowerment through lifestyle behaviors means practicing balance and putting the odds in your favor through small changes that make big shifts in whole health outcomes.

BigShifts Foundation Creating Generational Change

Together with our empowered consumers, whole person health providers and volunteers, we are making generational change by providing young people (5-30 years old) with experiences that put the Quadrants of Wellbeing into practice in their lives. Learn how to get engaged and support whole person health for young people by visiting