Over the last several weeks, I have been learning more about the voyage of life, and how there is always a bigger story happening behind the scenes. Sometimes it feels like we are on a tightrope, balancing and walking from one side (existing) to another side (becoming). I hope you have someone in your life on the “becoming” side who is cheering your name, teaching you about the steps you must take, and asking you to come a little further today, and tomorrow a little more again. One of my dearest friends, Mary Omwake, was that person for me.

Last Saturday, I celebrated her life with people who loved her just as I did. I shared some words at her memorial about her amazing life, her spirit, and the tenderness she awakened in so many of us. She had this ability to see people as a mosaic – a beautiful combination of gifts and potential. That kind of vision is what helped her know exactly where to plant small seeds in each of our hearts, fully knowing one day they would grow and become the reason we discover who we really are in this world.

I would like to encourage you to think about a Mary in your life. Who made you believe when it was too hard? Who uncovered something inside of you that you never saw before? Who carried a lantern on the path when you needed it most? Who provided a rain shower when you were experiencing a drought? Who brought the sun with them so you could grow a little more that day?

As the quote says above, you and your story have been blooming all along. We can thank the gardeners in our life for planting the seeds, but make sure you also allow your heart to really lean into the gratitude you feel for their life being part of yours.

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