We’ve had a great month celebrating kindness thanks to this year’s sponsor, City Wide Facility Solutions. Today, Dr. Michelle Robin welcomes Andrea Allison-Putman and Lori Bennett on the show to share their experience participating in the 31-Day Kindness Campaign. Join us to hear about the power of kindness and what they have learned kindness really looks likes in our everyday lives. Sometimes kindness can be as simple as listening with an open heart.

Memorable Quotes:
  • “You are not listening to what the answer is. You are listening for what’s really going on in their lives.”
  • “Moments matter. Memories matter.”
  • “It’s much easier to be kind when you feel good.”
  • “Everybody is fighting a battle. Either you are throwing gasoline on their situation, or you are throwing water on their situation.”
  • “Listen. Look people in the eye. Those things go a thousand miles. So many problems in our world could be solved if people step back and listen.”
  • “A simple smile goes a really long way.”
What You’ll Learn:

How the 31-Day Kindness Campaign makes it easier to learn about our community, what leaders should know about kindness and culture, and how self-care makes a difference in our ability to be kind to others.

This Episode Includes:
  • How the Kindness Campaign helps companies and organizations bring \ their culture together.
  • The importance of pausing and being present in our life.
  • What leaders should know about kindness and culture.
  • What future generations should know about kindness.
  • How we can be better in corporate America – and what validation looks like for teams.
  • How listening to the non-verbal things people say is different than what people are really saying with their words.
  • Why connecting with yourself matters.
Three Takeaways from Today’s Episode:
  1. Everything in our world roots back to how we give and receive kindness.
  2. We experience life better – the good and the tough – when we realize we are part of a bigger story going on behind the scenes.
  3. A simple smile goes a long way.

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