Quantum Physics

Quantum physics sounds like a huge, slightly intimidating subject. But we’ll keep it simple: it is just the study of matter and energy at an atomic and subatomic level. So, just as we discuss energy as a component of our health, science studies energy as part of all the atoms that comprise everything in the world.

Dr. Suzanne Rowden, a board certified physician in Family Medicine and Integrative Holistic Medicine, quotes Einstein: “Some of the most important things cannot yet be measured.”

Just like scientists are constantly learning more about quantum physics (and all other fields), we are constantly learning more about energy and how it affects our bodies. Dr. Rowden reminds us that we need to keep an open mind so that we can use all the tools at our disposal to live our healthiest life.

Dr. Masaru Emoto

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher, started studying water in 1994. He learned that he could flash-freeze water and study the structure of the water just as it froze. He learned that water creates a crystal structure that often looks just like a snowflake.

As he continued his studies, he learned that we can affect the water and the way it forms crystals as it freezes. First, he studied water from different sources. Only water from pure water sources, like rivers or lakes away from pollution, was able to form beautiful snowflake-like crystals. Tap water and water from sources near big cities only produced distorted crystals.

Then he formed four studies to test our effect on water. He showed words, pictures, music, and prayers to the water. Then he flash-froze it and examined the crystals that were formed. He found that positive words, like peace, harmony, and thank you, formed beautiful crystal structures. Other words and phrases like evil, “you disgust me,” or “you fool” form mangled crystals. He found the same effects with pictures and music.

We Are 70% Water

Our bodies are 70% water. As Dr. Rowden says, this can affect us. If the structure of water is changed based on the words around it or the music that is played near it, you can reason that all of the words we hear, say, and think can have an impact on the water inside our body. And that impact can either be good or not. We can use positive words and thoughts to help ourselves in our healing.

How We Affect The Outcome

You could mimic Dr. Emoto’s water study by writing the word “thank you” on your arm, but there are a lot of practices that we can incorporate that will help the water in our bodies, and our energy, and improve our body’s ability to heal.

Mindful practices are the best tool in our toolkit for healing our bodies and our energy. These mindful practices include meditation, prayer, mindfulness, and moving meditations like yoga and tai chi.

There are many methods to begin a meditation practice. There have been many popular apps, like Headspace and Calm, designed that have guided meditations, timers, and trackers to help you practice and keep track of your practice. There are also a variety of YouTube videos that provide either vocal guidance or music.

Mindfulness is an extremely flexible practice. It is simply focusing on what you are doing in any exact moment. Easy enough, right? But we spend so much of our time multitasking, that this can actually be a challenge and a change for us. Think about washing the dishes after a meal: Are you talking on the phone, listening to music, or watching the news out of the corner of your eye? Are you repeating the events of the day in your mind, thinking about what you should have said in that meeting? Are you running through a mental to-do list for tomorrow?  Instead of doing all those additional tasks, try focusing on just the dishes. This is one small way we can learn to quiet our minds and bring peace and calm to our bodies.

There are a variety of mindful movements that can help us heal our bodies and energy as well. These include yoga and tai chi. Both of these forms of movement invite you to leave your day at the door, focus your mind on your movement, and breathe deeply. They are incredibly restorative for both your body and your energy.

Small Changes

Here’s the key: a lot of the time, we think it’s not worth it to do yoga if we can’t do a 60-minute class. Or it’s not worth it to meditate if we can’t do a 30-minute practice. That is entirely false!

One single minute of mindfulness or meditation will have an impact on our bodies. It is a tiny way that we can affect our health and energy every single day. Start with just one minute.

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