Today’s guest post is by Dr. Michelle Robin.

The Energetic Quadrant is the least familiar and the most difficult for us to understand, which I believe is why it is so under utilized. I think one of the reasons it is unfamiliar is because we are so used to equating energy with stamina. If someone asks about your energy, they mean how is your stamina? Are you fatigued? Could you keep going with this?

However, in the Energetic Quadrant, we are talking about energy as an intangible force that moves through our body and is impacted by our environment. We’ve called it qi or chi, as Chinese medicine does. We’ve called it life force, as homeopathy does. But mostly, we call it energy.

How Energy Works

One of the ways that I show people how energy works is with my fancy care bear. Inside this care bear is a circuit stick or energy stick. If you hold hands with the care bear, you complete the circuit and the bear will play a song. Energy is flowing from your hands into the bear, which allows it to play.

The more amazing thing is that you can have a whole group of people stand in a circle and hold hands with the bear. With all people holding hands to close the circle, the bear will play its song. Energy flows from each person into another person and fuels the music. With just two people, your energy flows into the bear and into the person next to you. I’ve also used the bear to show the energy flow with two hundred people. Even with 200 people, energy flows from person to person.

Our Shared Energy

The reason I like this care bear tool so much is it demonstrates how this intangible energy flows, and how your energy not only impacts you, but it impacts all the people around you because of how our energy is shared. Just as the bear can work with just two people, and with two hundred, your energy can influence the person closest to you, and the entire world.  

As we think about how our energy is shared, we need to think about how we support each other. How can you send out positive energy into the world to help those around you?

Protect Your Energy

Also, as we think about sharing our energy with the world, we need to think about protecting our energy. There are two reasons for this; first, your energy is affected by the people and objects around you. We don’t want our energy depleted by the energies of others, or turned negative by others. And second, we want to be able to share good energy with the world, so we need to think about our own energy and how to cultivate and protect it.

One way that we can do this is to simply be mindful and intentional about our own energy. You can be mindful about your energy by recognizing situations that deplete your energy and give yourself a break after you are in those situations. For many people, an example of this would be a crowded event like a concert or basketball game where there are a lot of people and a lot of energy. After going to an event like that, you can give yourself a block of time to reset in order to protect your energy.

Another method is to use grounding techniques. Some of these are the same simple self-care techniques that I recommend regularly, including exercising, hydration, breathing, and taking care of yourself.

But you can also add other grounding tools like essential oils and crystals. At Your Wellness Connection, my practice in Kansas City, we have crystals in the walls. With the crystals, all the energy that goes into healing doesn’t overwhelm the clients or practitioners. I feel like I am able to spend all day with clients and I don’t feel exhausted when I get home. A few of crystals that are recommended for grounding are Hematite, Smoky Quartz, and Jasper.

Essential oils can also be a grounding tool. Smelling essential oils like vetiver, copaiba balsam, and patchouli can help ground and protect our energy.

If you would like to see how energy flows through a whole group, you can watch this video on my facebook page. You can also see it with your own group with an energy stick or fancy care bear.

But remember the point is not the snazzy toys; the point is that we share energy and it impacts everyone around us. There are small changes that will make big shifts in our energy and our wellbeing.

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