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the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Shortly before we wrapped-up our 31-Day Kindness Campaign, many asked me, “What’s next?” Each time I was asked, the word “gratitude” kept coming to me. You can imagine my surprise when I looked up the word and learned it’s a response to “kindness.” It seemed like the perfect way to continue kindness – but with a little spin on it. (In fact, check out the video above to see just how powerful this word is for our bodies.)

For 40 days, I’m taking a journey to slow down… and remember the people who have showed up in my life and why it mattered when they did. I want to invite you to come along during my 40 Days of Gratitude.

Every morning, you’ll receive an email with a gratitude quote, and a short video of me surprising people in my life over the years, telling them why I’m grateful for their presence in my story. I believe their reaction will be powerful for you to see what gratitude does for the spirit and the heart. Each day, the emails will prompt you in unique ways to think of someone in your life who impacted the course of your story.

If you want to join me, fill out the form on the right – and get ready for this journey that may open your eyes to miracles all around you.


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