All of us at Small Changes Big Shifts believe lives are precious. We help people make the most out of their life-minutes by creating healthy habits, one small change at a time. Change doesn’t have to be difficult or dramatic to be meaningful. It is simple: Small Changes in daily behaviors mean Big Shifts in health outcomes over time.

Whether you are a consumer, wellness provider or licensed healthcare practitioner, become a member of the network we are building for generational change. Our intention is that through membership and community, we have an unprecedented opportunity to “learn it, live it, and teach it.” Begin today by becoming a member.

$49.95 Annual Membership Kit includes:

  • 7 Immutable Principles of Vitality e-book
  • Quadrants of Wellbeing e-book with simple tips to get started
  • 25% off online programs and events
  • Invitation to join our closed Facebook group