Edie Varley is a speaker, advisor, educator and the founder of The Varley Group which focuses on developing the skills of Emotional Intelligence to transform human potential into constructive contribution.

From the boiler room to the board room, Edie helps people find the meaning in their work and the value in their contribution. Her work has benefited individuals and corporations – from privately held to Fortune 500 alike.

Prior to founding The Varley Group in 2000, she served for 25 years in the business of chemical manufacturing where she started in sales and ultimately led the company as CEO and owner.

During her tenure, Edie helped people find the meaning in their work and as CEO led the company to double-digit net operating profit.

Memorable Quotes:
  • “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.”
  • “Think about the way you’re speaking because words create worlds.”
  • “You’re hard wired with gifts that you think everybody has, but they’re really gifts unique to you.”
  • “When you’re aware you’re halfway there.”
  • “Community is people and that’s what we need. But you start with a community of one, loving and liking yourself so you can give yourself away to others.”
What You’ll Learn:

How to use self-awareness to find your life’s purpose and build stronger relationships with those in your community.

This Episode Includes:
  • Emotional intelligence is being intelligent about YOUR emotions.
  • Emotional intelligence is the one set of skills we can actually develop by creating new neural pathways.
  • Resilience is a choice and acquired skill, and so is emotional intelligence.
  • You can practice emotional intelligence because you’ve chosen a life of abundance.
  • You have to love and like yourself first. You can be alone and not lonely when you love and like yourself.
  • Increasing your self-awareness helps you identify your purpose in life and better understand your emotions.
  • Even if you’re feeling isolated, think about the gifts you bring that add value to the world, your own world, and those around you.
  • One of the best ways to get out of loneliness is by helping someone else in their need.
  • There are three universal questions we all ask at various times in our lives – identity, importance, and impact.
  • Start by answering those three questions in an effort to understand your strengths, what you value most in life, and in what environment you best perform.
  • Don’t leave the house without a smile.
  • There are so many ways you can start to establish your purpose in living. Don’t get caught up in the next ten years, start today.
Three Takeaways from Today’s Episode:
  1. Find your purpose by starting small. For example, think about it today in this moment rather than for the next ten years.
  2. Consider introducing the individuals on your Wheel of Support to each other and strengthening your community by being a relational leader.
  3. Use phrases like “I want to” or “I get to” rather than “I have to” to change the way you view the world.
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  • Melodie Crider

    This episode was soooooo… good!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for this!

  • Mary Poppell

    This episode ( my first!) was awesome! Loved it! Couldn’t take notes fast enough. Thank you for sharing your positivity and love

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