Jen Ciszewski is a functional medicine practitioner, lactation consultant, nature lovin’, birth doula, yoga teacher & family nurse practitioner student.

She is also an entrepreneur who has set out to change the way we live with chronic symptoms and overall poor quality of life due to the foods, thoughts, and habits we consume daily.

Her very own struggle with autoimmune disease led her to rock bottom physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. For a period of months in her mid-twenties she was couch-ridden and unable to continue in her career as a nurse.

It was at this low that she learned the information and habits that would change her life and create the launch pad for her current success. A few short years later and she is now healing, inspiring, and leading others to improve their health – to then elevate their entire life!!!

She is the owner of Inspire Health by Jen LLC, and author of the Midday Pigeon blog.

Join Dr. Michelle and Jen in Part 2 as they talk about:
  • Her step-by-step process with helping people through functional medicine.
  • Why symptoms are your best biomarkers and why you can trust what they’re telling you when you begin your healing process.
  • Common health symptoms that people have that they don’t know they should be dialing into.
  • Struggles she faced when she began her wellness journey and why being lonely was the biggest obstacle.
  • Her non negotiables for building a healthy lifestyle and why nutrition is No. 1.
  • Why juicing has been a huge part of her Chemical Quadrant focus.
  • What energy medicine is and how it plays into our healing journeys.
  • Daily GPA emotional practices she does to help raise her spirituality with (G)ratitude, (P)rayer, and (A)ffirmations.
  • Why sometimes you have to let go of what is not working even if you don’t know what the next step is yet.
  • The power of trusting that you are right where you need to be on your wellness journey.
  • How she found her wellness tribe and why it has been a huge part of her healing process.
  • Why she recommends tuning into your body’s natural intuition and how you can do exactly that.

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