Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers is a graduate of the Disparities Leadership Program at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital.

She is also an alumna of the University of Pittsburgh where she received a Doctorate in epidemiology with a focus on understanding barriers associated with chronic disease and disability prevention.

She is an expert in custom holistic health services with one-of-a-kind expertise in chronic diseases, disability prevention, and healthy aging.

Between her extensive education and own experience struggling to overcome chronic health issues of 30 years, she is passionate about customized holistic healthcare that addresses root causes of pain, not just the symptoms.

Join Dr. Michelle and Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers in Part 1 as they talk about:
  • Elizabeth Rodgers| Healthy Transformation with the Heart
  • Her own health struggles when she was 18 years old and what lifestyle changes she wished she had made growing up.
  • How we can truly tune in and listen to what our body and mind need to heal chronic issues.
  • The different energetic vibrations we experience in our emotions, thoughts, and feelings every day.
  • Why there’s so much more to shifting our lives for greater health than just focusing on behavior change.
  • The fact that many weight loss studies focused on behavior change find that maintenance was the core issue people faced.
  • Why she teaches her clients to focus on living a life where their health goals have already been met.
  • How to reprogram our subconscious minds for greater mindset shifts.
  • What steps you can take now to improve your health today.
  • Why you don’t have to do everything people like Dr. Michelle or Dr. Elizabeth share but just take what you need and leave the rest.
  • The fact that not all physical illnesses actually have physical root causes; they could be emotional or mental as well.
  • Elizabeth’s non-negotiables for staying healthy.
  • Why she recommends drinking lemon water with a metal straw first thing in the morning if it is right for your body.

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