PR and Social Media Director at Hallmark Cards, JiaoJiao Shen, joins Dr. Michelle Robin to discuss freedom and the power of connection.

Join Dr. Michelle and JiaoJiao as they talk about:
  • What it is like for JiaoJiao being a Chinese immigrant in the USA with two biracial children.
  • Her thoughts on freedom especially with both children having been born on July 4, three years apart.
  • Unpacking the discrimination and increase in hate we have seen in our communities over the last couple of years.
  • Thoughts on Asian food and why we see people either love it or hate and discriminate against it.
  • What people can do better to help support all races in their community.
  • The continuous journey we’re all on towards anti-racism and how we can keep learning and improving.
  • What difference we can make in the media and Hollywood by demanding more diverse content.
  • Asian role models JiaoJiao had growing up and why she’s excited to see more representation in her children’s TV shows and movies.

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