About Alana Muller

Founder and CEO of Coffee Lunch Coffee, Alana Muller is a Networking speaker, workshop facilitator, business relationship coach in Kansas City. She is also author of the book, Coffee Lunch Coffee: A Practical Field Guide for Master Networking.

She travels the world to share her expertise in the areas of Networking, Coaching, Strategic Planning and Business Consulting.

About Johnny Waller

Johnny Waller is the owner of JLW Group LLC and S.C.O.P.E. He earned both of his Masters and Bachelor degrees from Rockhurst University and his associate’s degree from Johnson County Community College. He is a former business owner, non-profit business executive and mentor to a great number of adults and youth in the Greater Kansas City area.

He continues to have the pleasure and honor to speak on behalf of the population that he represents and looks forward to continuing these efforts through meaningful dialogue and mutual understanding among my fellow community stakeholders.

Join Dr. Michelle, Johnny, and Alana as they talk about:
  • The power of networking especially post COVID-19.
  • How Johnny and Alana met when he was a student in her class.
  • What steps we can all take to begin to heal as a community.
  • How Johnny has transformed his life and has gotten to where he is today.
  • Johnny’s childhood and how his father breaking his back impacted his life.
  • Why it’s critical we address all forms of violence in our community; not just homicide but also suicide and domestic.
  • The fact that many of the perpetrators of violence are white, Christian men and that is not being addressed by the media.
  • Harmful labels we place on people based on their race and how we can change the narrative.
  • The fact that we’re not giving everyone access to all they need to grow and thrive as well as what we can do together to change that.
  • How you can build connections that will last a lifetime.

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