A graduate of Stanford University, Victoria Labalme is a critically acclaimed director and producer, and also the author of the Wall Street Journal bestselling book, Risk Forward.

Her proprietary Throughline, Rock The Room® and Risk Forward® systems have transformed hundreds of thousands of people around the globe, helping elite individuals create their life’s best work.

With over 20 years in the Performing Arts – from Broadway to comedy clubs, landmark films to high-profile television – Victoria helps people awaken their hidden genius and perform at their highest levels.

Using breathtaking stage skills, gripping stories, and comedic highlights, Victoria takes audiences through a profound experience they’ll never forget.

Along the way, she shows people how to distinguish their brand, gain competitive advantage, and achieve sustainable growth through a surprising blend of art and business.

Victoria’s proprietary systems and strategies have been embraced by Fortune 100 companies; C-suite executives at Starbucks, Microsoft and PayPal; Hollywood celebrities; bestselling authors; and top teams in over 700 organizations.

Join Dr. Michelle and Victoria as they talk about:
  • What inspired her to begin a career in the performing arts industry.
  • Unpacking her book, Risk Forward, and how it has helped people of all backgrounds find out what they want to do with their talents.
  • What tactical strategies you can do when you’re in the “fog of not knowing.”
  • Fun facts about her book that gives you full freedom to use it however you want.
  • Why we need to embrace the unknown and why it’s a beautiful gift rather than something scary.
  • The power of focusing on what interests you now rather than what you enjoyed and pursued in the past.
  • How you can apply the ‘Risk Forward’ model to your life.
  • Why risking forward will sometimes look like standing still to give you time to clear your mind.
  • The importance of not comparing yourself to other people because we’re all trying to figure life out.

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