Steve Litwer was raised by a single mother with a severe mental illness. The effect of this upbringing was something that thwarted his social interactions and relationships throughout his life. These were often contaminated by a legacy of fear, agitation, confusion, and feelings of inadequacy.

As a young man, Steve wanted to be a musician. Largely self-taught on the guitar, he lacked the talent to play professionally so he chose another career path until he retired, working in TV and radio stations in Kansas City, Memphis, and Charlotte.

In his retirement, as a volunteer, Steve began playing guitar for hospice patients. As their bedside musician, his private performances and companionship to those nearing the end of their lives began to unlock long-buried memories of his own past. The result? Surprising lessons and new insights about the events of his life and finding the path to forgiveness for himself and his mother.

Incorporating moving and sometimes funny true stories of people in hospice, this book explores the mysterious ways that God has helped Steve understand and reclaim his life through the power of music and the unexpected gifts he received from those who did not have much life left.

If you liked Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom, you will enjoy his book, The Music Between Us. The Music Between Us is a memoir about reckoning with a painful childhood, a spiritual awakening, and discovering some of life’s greatest lessons in the most unexpected ways.

Join Dr. Michelle and Steve as they talk about:
  • How he became a bedside musician volunteer for hospice clinics.
  • Why becoming a bedside musician sparked a journey within Steve that forever changed his life.
  • How his experience helped him dive into his past wounds and begin to heal them.
  • Why we sometimes find ourselves lonely because we don’t truly know ourselves.
  • Where you can get started on being a volunteer if you feel called.
  • How to discover which area of volunteering is best for you.
  • Lessons he learned from those in hospice clinics including their advice for the living.
  • The importance of being grateful for moments rather than being obsessed over things.
  • His piece of advice to live a life you love.

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