Christopher Ehly, MD, is passionate about staying healthy and well. He considers all factors related to a patient’s well-being – everything from nutrition and lifestyle habits to mental and spiritual health – and works with the patient to achieve or maintain optimal wellness. He loves to inspire people, young and old, to find joy in taking care of themselves.

As a Board-certified family medicine physician, he cares for a wide range of medical conditions and offers encouraging suggestions that promote overall wellness. He considers it a true gift to watch his patients improve their health.

Dr. Ehly earned his medical degree from the University of Kansas School of Medicine, and he completed his family medicine residency at the University of Kansas Medical Center. He has earned a number of professional honors throughout his career, including being named a 2021 Top Doctor by Kansas City magazine.

As he fills his life with family, spirituality and a variety of activities — basketball, biking, football, golf, gardening, camping, hiking, running, soccer and guitar— Dr. Ehly hopes to set an example for his patients, encouraging them to strive for wholeness in their own lives.

Join Dr. Michelle and Dr. Chris as they talk about:
  • How he came to be a medical doctor.
  • Why his father has been a tremendous inspiration to him.
  • How men overlook their own mental health and what steps they can take to reach out for help.
  • The importance of being open about our emotions, especially sadness or stress.
  • How you can begin your healing journey for greater mental health.
  • The fact that you are not the only one struggling with anxiety, stress, depression, or other negative emotions.
  • Why he enjoys meditation and how tools like the Headspace app can help you be more mindful.
  • What small changes you can make for big shifts in your health every day.
  • The life lessons he wants to teach his children.

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