Liz Lewis is the Senior Vice President for Commercial Banking at CommunityAmerica Credit Union where she leads a passionate team dedicated to entrepreneurs and business owners on their path to thrive.

Join Dr. Michelle and Liz as they talk about:
  • How finances and her parents’ relationship with money impact her growing up.
  • What you can do to focus on your financial health.
  • Her interest in human behavior and why we make certain choices when it comes to money.
  • Why our financial wellbeing can impact our overall stress levels.
  • How Community America has helped their clients through the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • What steps you can take to plan your goals from education to a mortgage to retirement.
  • How Community America’s team is able to put together a plan to help you with your personal or business financial goals.
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid of looking closely at your financial health no matter where you are at right now.
  • The benefits of putting together a security savings plan and why it doesn’t have to be a large amount.
  • Why you shouldn’t rely on credit cards as an income stream and how to use them responsibly.

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