As a Professor & Keynote Speaker, Jill Tupper draws upon her adventures in marathons, triathlons, rock-climbing, out-rigging, traveling the world and climbing Kilimanjaro to inspire others to take on this triathlon of life with goals, guts and grit.

Her global experiences in working with Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta, Ethiopia and beyond, backed by breakthroughs in neuroscience, proves the revolutionary power of purpose in work & in life.

A Master’s in Leadership, B.S. in Occupational Therapy and a Professor at The Rady Executive Business School, UCSD with Certifications in Meditation, Executive Coaching & Corporate Negotiation, Jill is uniquely qualified to harness the power of the mind + body connection to catapult leadership in business to unprecedented heights.

This cutting edge conundrum of Body + Mind + Business in Jill’s Corporate Triathlete Leadership Training is unparalleled in it’s dynamic & undeniable connection between optimal wellbeing & outstanding leadership.

Jill high-energy & engaging keynotes have challenged thousands around the globe to take inspired action and achieve peak potential.

Join Dr. Michelle and Jill Tupper as they talk about:
  • What inspired Jill to become a motivational speaker and an executive coach.
  • Signs and nudges to pay attention to in life to help you find your unique qualities and be open to what life brings you.
  • The power of learning how to listen to ourselves and notice the divine appointments that show up.
  • What steps you can take to help set yourself up for success.
  • Words of advice she would give parents with the challenges that their children are facing from the pandemic.
  • The power of pivoting, not panicking during difficult moments.
  • How parents can teach their children to be responsible for themselves.
  • What to do when you find yourself in a space of self-criticism: don’t judge and instead observe.

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