Jasmin Williams is the Founder of Creatively Resilient and also a Senior Project Manager, US Social Impact at Sesame Workshop where she utilizes the iconic power of the Muppets to help children and families overcome adversity by equipping providers across the country with free tools and resources via the Sesame Street in Communities Model.

Join Dr. Michelle and Jasmin as they talk about:
  • Her connection to Kansas City and her passion for helping communities heal from trauma and thrive.
  • The mission of Sesame Street in Communities and how they’re making a difference for parents and caregivers.
  • How COVID-19 impacted their organization and the overwhelming support they have received to help families during this difficult time.
  • What inspired her to launch Creatively Resilient and what difference she wants to make in the world with it.
  • Why everyone in some way, shape, or form, has been traumatized by the pandemic and how she wants to help you heal.
  • Examples of how she practices resiliency herself.
  • All about the 14-Day Challenge she’s launching with Creatively Resilient including her 3-phase approach.
  • How being creative feeds your resilience.
  • Why vulnerability can be scary but is such a powerful tool to help you open yourself up to big shifts.
Learn about 14-Day Creatively Resilient’s 3-Phase Approach:
  1. Identify what purpose(s) looks like for you.
  2. Lean into how you can build upon your purpose(s) and start integrating that into your life.
  3. Discover the lens through which you see the world.

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