About Kiona Sinks

Kiona Sinks by trade is a social and civic innovator setting the standard for how young leaders should model in action community engagement, bringing forward generations of all sectors of professions to change the perspective on what community activism should model in our modern day world.

Kiona takes pride in giving back, Kiona is a community minded connector with 10 years of consistent volunteerism and community engagement. She is both mission -driven and passionate about diversity and inclusion and promoting social, and civic engagement.

About Lisa Ginter

Lisa Ginter is a celebrated leader in Kansas City as both the CEO of CommunityAmerica Credit Union and an influential figure in the business, civic and philanthropic community.

Lisa has served in a leadership role at CommunityAmerica since she joined the organization in 1995. Since becoming CEO in 2015, Lisa grew the Credit Union from $1.5 billion to nearly $4 billion in assets in just five years. With a mission to help members achieve financial peace of mind at every life stage, Lisa has inspired and advanced every division and line of business at CommunityAmerica. As the Official Banking Partner of the Kansas City Chiefs, and frequently named as Kansas City’s top Credit Union and ‘Best Place to Work,’ CommunityAmerica has become a powerhouse in Kansas City under Lisa’s leadership. She is also an advocate for credit unions on a national level, serving on the Executive Board of Directors for CUNA (Credit Union National Association).

Join Dr. Michelle, Kiona, and Lisa as they talk about:
  • What it means to have good financial health to help us with our physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Why helping young people is such an important part of Lisa’s mission.
  • The benefits of adding credits to your life and examples of some that Kiona has added to hers.
  • How having a financial partner can help you really focus on your goals in life.
  • Various services that CommunityAmerica Credit Union offers for people of all ages, finance backgrounds, and goals.
  • Why it’s so important to put your health first as soon as possible for greater wellness into the future.
  • Their favorite pieces of advice for any life goals you have for yourself.
  • Underlying outreach programs that CommunityAmerica Credit Union hosts for the Kansas City area.

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