Where flowers bloom so does hope. – Lady Bird Johnson

Aaron Fulk has a strong entrepreneur heart with a passion for social media. She has taken what many would have seen as tough circumstances and turned them into living her dream. She is running a very successful marketing agency, Lillian James Creative.

Join Dr. Michelle and Aaron as they talk about:

  • Where Aaron is at in her self-care journey and looking after her health.
  • Lessons she’s learned over the last months during this 75 Day Hardcore self-care plan.
  • Why her business grows greater the more time she spends on herself and her wellness.
  • About our Small Changes Big Shifts Kindness Campaign in October and November.
  • Mindset and behavior changes for Aaron during lockdown and on her wellness journey.
  • Various struggles that Dr. Michelle has been through and why she’s empowered to just keep moving.
  • What people don’t realize about single mothers such as Aaron that she wants them to know about.

When you heal the heart, you will heal the body. – Dr. Michelle Robin

Learn new tools for transforming your life including:

  • How to cultivate greater awareness of what you’re eating as well as thinking or saying about yourself.
  • Why working on yourself will ripple and help your kids focus on themselves and ultimately grow too.
  • Finding gratitude in who’s showing up for you compared to who isn’t there.
  • Paying attention to behavior patterns and how to break the cycle.

You can do hard things. – Aaron Fulk


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