It’s not selfish to take out time for yourself, be ‘self full.’

Licensed Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor, Relationship Management Expert, Mindful Leadership Coach and owner of Villalobos Vitality, Alex Villalobos-McAnderson, joins Dr. Michelle Robin this week on Small Changes Big Shifts.

Villalobos Vitality was born of the idea that everyone’s inner Wolf should be cherished, nurtured, and unleashed with love and light. This is possible with the healing power of Reiki

Combining Reiki and yoga with other personal health and healing services, Alex helps adults, children, and workplace groups find the energy of light and love that surrounds them and then put it to use their life.

Join Dr. Michelle and Alex as they talk about:

  • Alex’s healing journey and how Dr. Michelle has been a part of it.
  • How changing her diet helped Alex achieve her health transformation, get more energy, and feel better.
  • Unpacking DACA and her life being a part of it.
  • Why it’s not selfish to take out time for yourself but ‘self full.’
  • How to embrace every day of your life and how you spend your time. 

Learn new tools to add to your wellness toolbox including:

  • How you can move energy and feel the chakras all throughout your body by humming, “The Sound Of Music.”
  • The importance of moving your body especially if you’re feeling in a funk.
  • Stay hydrated and well rested with plenty of water and rest.
  • Carve out time to experience and embrace the stillness via practices such as meditation, yoga, or prayer to tap into the deepest part of you.

It’s important to move your body, especially if you’re feeling in a funk.

  • Robyn Stevens

    What a great and inspiring conversation. I so appreciated Alex’s generosity in sharing her DACA experience. Can’t wait to check out her Youtube channel. Thanks, Dr. Michelle for another great education.

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