What are some new wellness practices that you can add to your toolbox during 2020?

Today on Small Changes Big Shifts for our Wisdom Wednesday series, Dr. Michelle Robin is joined by Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Author of Building Healthy Family Relationships: A Workbook for Parents & Stepparents, Debra Orbuch Grayson.

Debra works from a Family Systems Model which recognizes that each family and individual is unique and that change comes from addressing the dynamics and interactions among members of a system.

When working with families she meets with different subsystems of the family to help strengthen relationships which benefit the whole family. She enjoys working with clients and helping them to identify the challenges they are experiencing and to set goals and move toward creating changes in their lives.

Throughout her work with clients, she provides tools, support and encouragement as well as additional community resources to help sustain their growth.

Join Dr. Michelle and Debra as they talk about:

  • What inspired her to move from teaching to marriage and family therapy.
  • The ripple effect she experiences first hand when she works to help family units.
  • Lots of changes and losses we face as we work towards resiliency and flexibility during COVID-19.
  • Why the most relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself.
  • Trends and needs she’s witnessing personally in the families that she is working with in 2020.

Learn new tools to add to your wellness toolbox including:

  • How to disrupt stuck patterns with the Small Changes Big Shifts Four Quadrants.
  • Creating new language vibes including self-talk words to focus on the positive rather than the negative.
  • Concentrating on what you want to do as an individual and live by what fits you.
  • How to set up healthy boundaries including during COVID-19.

Pause when you think you may be over-committing and not putting yourself first.


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