How does forgiveness create transformation?

Join us as we gather to reset our new daily rhythm and build resilience during this time of change.

Today, I’m excited to have Ron and Beth Hall. Ron Hall’s life was centered around a successful career as an international art dealer and a passion for his Rocky Top ranch on the Brazos River. All this changed in 1998 as a result of an encounter with a homeless man who was threatening to kill everyone in sight in the homeless shelter where Ron had begun to volunteer two weeks earlier. This life-changing encounter, featured on many television and radio shows, inspired Ron to write his first book SAME KIND OF DIFFERENT AS ME, a story of hope and redemption. The word-of-mouth hit became a New York Times platinum bestseller and stayed on the list for more than three and one-half years.

In 2007, President Bush appointed Ron to the State Department Cultural Property Committee to advise the President on diplomatic matters regarding international art and antiquities. Currently, Ron is the screenwriter and producer of the movie version of his book SAME KIND OF DIFFERENT AS ME, which can be found on Netflix and Amazon. His new book, Working Our Way Home released Feb. 20 2018. Ron and his wife Beth reside in Dallas where they direct the Same Kind of Different as Me Foundation.

I’m happy to have Ron & Beth share how they’re finding Rhythm and Resilience right now, and how we can do the same. I invite you to tune in as we unite as a community.

Looking forward to spending time together for some R & R.

Join Dr. Michelle, Ron, and Beth as they talk about:

  • A dream about a homeless man named Denver, who Ron later met and befriended.
  • The gifts of tragedy and friendship.
  • Ron’s non-profit Same Kind of Different as Me Foundation.
  • Holding a positive perspective during COVID-19.
  • The power of forgiveness.
  • Ron & Beth’s love story.
  • Denver’s wisdom on love and God’s grace.
  • Creating the book and movie “Same Kind of Different as Me” to raise awareness for the homeless.
  • The inspiration of Working Our Way Home.
  • Life for Ron pre and post Denver.
  • Personal experience of loneliness and depression.
  • Denver’s passing and return to selling art
  • Ron and Beth’s medicine they share with the world

“Our story is based on forgiveness.” – Ron & Beth Hall


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