“Is your imagination helping or hindering?” – Sonia Choquette-Tully

Today, I’m excited to have Sonia Choquette-Tully. Sonia is a fourth generation intuitive teacher and guide and daughter of renowned spiritual teacher Sonia Choquette. She has taught intuition worldwide and has worked as an intuitive teacher for more than a decade. She is author of the best-selling book Hay House book, You Are Amazing.

I’m happy to have Sonia share how they’re finding Rhythm and Resilience right now, and how we can do the same. I invite you to tune in as we unite as a community.

Looking forward to spending time together for some R & R.

Join Dr. Michelle and Sonia as they talk about:

  • Describing intuition as a deep listening.
  • Millennials focus on the future.
  • Sonia’s family lineage of intuitives, and her belief that everyone is intuitive.
  • The pleasant surprise of staying grounded in one location due to quarantine.
  • Sonia’s new home in New Orleans.
  • Having fun and being creative with social distancing.
  • Connecting deeper with the essence of who you really are.
  • Discussing quarantine as a new frontier for making changes.
  • Observing when your imagination is being hi-jacked, and how to water your imagination instead.
  • Using the Hoffman Quadrinity Check-In as a tool to identify your emotions
  • Human nature to conserve energy, and taking extremes to move into change
  • Becoming stronger and more resilient as we come together

“Water your imagination.” – Sonia Choquette-Tully


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