“I love hearing stories of how people came to where they are in life. The story of how they got there intrigues and motivates me. Also what problems they have and seeing how I can solve them.” – Luke Wade

Today, I’m excited to have Luke Wade. Luke, an army veteran and computer programmer, started an extremely popular adult sports and events company, KC Crew Sports and Events, in 2012 which has had over 70,000 league event participants in 8 years in Kansas City alone.

Luke has used KC Crew’s success to venture into other business verticals such as software and food/beverage concepts that work with and support KC Crew as well as help other companies! Luke’s new passion is to help others create thriving communities through sports, events, partnerships, and philanthropy.

I’m happy to have Luke share how they’re finding Rhythm and Resilience right now, and how we can do the same. I invite you to tune in as we unite as a community.

Looking forward to spending time together for some R & R.

Join Dr. Michelle and Luke as they talk about:

  • How they help their employees have fun and freedom in their jobs.
  • The wide range of sports and events KC Crew hosts throughout the year.
  • How people can spice up their life with more fun especially during COVID19 and placed lockdowns.
  • The importance of building a sense of community with your clients especially during difficult moments such as now.
  • How we can use this time as adults to reset and build new habits.
  • The power of being honest, open, and explaining things to children as we raise them.

“Gone are the days when I’m just sitting at a bar staring at the wall. People want things to do, and that’s what we’re trying to do. KC Crew loves keeping keeping people active in the community, and we’re basically helping to build that space for that entire idea.” – Luke Wade


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