“Positivity without perspective is poison.” – Britt Frank

Today I’m excited to have Therapist, Teacher, Speaker, and Trauma Specialist at The Greenhouse KC, Britt Frank.

Britt’s work focuses on empowering people to understand the inner mechanisms of their brains and bodies. She believes that when we know how things work, the capacity for CHOICE is restored and life can and does change. Whether she’s leading a workshop, teaching a class, or working individually with private clients, Britt’s goal is to educate, empower, and equip people to transform even their most persistent and long-standing patterns of thinking and doing.

I’m happy to have Britt share how they’re finding Rhythm and Resilience right now, and how we can do the same. I invite you to tune in as we unite as a community.

Looking forward to spending time together for some R & R.

Join Dr. Michelle and Britt Frank as they talk about:

  • How Britt’s mind and body rhythm has been off since COVID19 and what she’s doing to work on it.
  • Why the mind is not looking for joy, peace, and fulfillment because it’s wired for security, safety, and patterns.
  • The fact that it’s okay if you’re not being ultra productive right now; that doesn’t make you lazy.
  • How we’re all collectively trying to recover from trauma caused by COVID19.
  • Why it’s okay to not do a deep dive into healing your past traumas and growing now. Just use this time during COVID19 as you like.

Grow more resilient as Britt explains:

  • What ‘free time’ actually is and how to use it proactively for your emotional and mental health
  • Exploring toxic positivity vs finding gratitude for what’s true and real in life.
  • How trauma now could trigger past ACE experiences for some adults.
  • Dunbar’s number and how to find your true wellness tribe during this time.
  • Parenting tips and advice to help children.
  • Why being triggered by something isn’t bad because it just reveals unhealed experiences you can work on.

“The fundamental key to resilience is realness, you cannot be resilient without realness.” – Britt Frank


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