Building Rhythm & Resilience With Dr. Michelle Robin

As we move forward during COVID19, the Small Changes Big Shifts podcast is doing it with you. We are excited to share our new project launch: Wisdom Wednesdays.

Over the past month we have loved bringing you inspiring messages during your wellness journey through the Rhythm & Resilience Series.

Join us in this special solo episode and find out how Dr. Michelle came up with the Rhythm & Resilience Series idea, what this past month has taught her, and how we can all be a beacon of love, wellness, and momentum by taking care of our own health first.

The live interviews for the Wisdom Wednesday series will be from 12:30 – 1:30 pm CST but is subject to change to a different time. You can also listen to them the following week right here on the Small Changes Big Shifts Podcast.

Stay tuned for updates on the Small Changes Big Shifts Facebook page.

Tune in as Dr. Michelle Robin shares:

  • How to get through this time with some Rhythm & Resilience
  • What to expect from Wisdom Wednesdays including how we are making it a collaboration with you, the listener.
  • How Dr. Michelle has become more aware of her role as a bridge between the traditional and non-traditional fields of health during this time
  • Her favorite wellness hacks to stay healthy for life.
  • How to build a wellness tribe and health practices to support you during this time.

Start building a health rhythm for life by:

  • Creating a Rhythm for your daily health practices.
  • Scheduling an A Day, B Day, and C Day to stay organized.
  • Making sure you get plenty of sleep to keep your immune system healthy.
  • Following our 21-Days to Rejuvenating Sleep FREE until July 31st 2020.
  • Pausing and being grateful with the 5 Minute Journal app Michelle uses or whatever helps you.

Create your own health resilience practice by:

  • Staying hydrated with consistent water drinking.
  • Understanding your unique body’s need for Vitamin D and which kinds work best for you.
  • Eating enough natural, non-processed foods especially fruits and vegetables.
  • Being intentional of who and what you let into your life.
  • Feeding your soul by staying in faith.

“Be intentional of who and what you let into your life.
– Dr. Michelle Robin


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