Guest I

drbrianlumDr. Brian Lum is an integrative and functional medicine specialist. He is licensed and board-certified as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

His passion for chronic disease began as he witnessed his mother’s 15 year struggle with Crohn’s disease. This debilitating illness often caused her to be bedridden, and experience chronic abdominal pain and digestive problems. She was told that her condition was life-long with no hope of improvement. At the time there were no options for effective treatment, except symptom management.

Today, medicine is changing. Dr. Lum is determined to implement current research into treatment strategies that address the underlying causes of disease so that the whole person may be healed.

Dr. Brian Lum

  • Specialist in Functional Medicine and Autoimmune Diseases
  • Practioner at Your Wellness Connection
  • Speaker


Guest II

jeannemackayJeanne Mackay is the co-owner of The Tasteful Olive in Overland Park and Topeka, KS. She and her husband spent four full months remodeling the storefront at 7945 Santa Fe Drive in historic downtown Overland Park, Kansas. Then In November of 2014 they opened the store in Topeka in the Brookwood Shopping Center.

The journey after opening these stores included trips to California to attend several olive oil seminars (which still continues), starting to do in-depth research on the olive oil industry and educating customers about these products and the benefits of fresh olive oil and aged, naturally flavored balsamic vinegars. The store also carries ANH coconut oil, gourmet olives, pastas, pestos, bruschettas, tapenades, sea salts, spice blends, books and more.

Jeanne Mackay

  • Owner of Tasteful Olive


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