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When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world. – John Muir

As our medical professionals are hard at work to heal people from the COVID 19 virus, the Earth is also healing.

It’s an incredible thing to witness as this is just one of the many lessons we are learning throughout this difficult time.

Joining Dr. Michelle Robin this week to discuss how we can further help Mother Nature second-time guest, Sami Aaron.

Sam is a retired software developer, meditation & yoga teacher, master naturalist, and both Founder and Board Chair of The Resilient Activist.

Join Dr. Michelle Robin and Sami Aaron as they talk about:

  • What led her to launch the organization, The Resilient Activist, after the death of her oldest son.
  • The interesting shift we are seeing as pollution clears and the plant is healing during COVID 19.
  • Resilient tools for people who are struggling emotionally with climate change.
  • How to schedule a mindfulness practice into your day including your shopping habits.
  • What mindfulness practices you can do during COVID19 depending on what personally resonantes and feels better for you.
  • Simple ways to make your home more ‘green’ and to teach your family about caring for the environment.

Learn all about the 5 Essentials For A Resilient World:

  1. Reconnect with nature
  2. Respect all life
  3. Regreen our planet
  4. Replenish our resources
  5. Revamp our spending
  • Sami Aaron
  • Founder and Board Chair of The Resilient Activist
  • Meditation & yoga teacher
  • Master naturalist
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