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This week, Dr. Michelle Robin, spoke with Keynote Speaker, Corporate Consultant, Kindness and Faith Advocate, Mindy Corporon. An entrepreneur and thought leader, Mindy’s professional career spans from office assistant to the former CEO of a successful wealth management firm. Mindy was a single mother, dealing with divorce and had experienced a life-threatening illness.

Reaching the pinnacle of her professional career, Mindy was in the middle of raising her talented boys when tragedy struck. Mindy’s father and oldest son were murdered by a white supremacist intent on killing Jews. Her life purpose changed from guiding people financially to helping people find space to learn about our differences and discover commonalities.

With compassion and forgiveness Mindy shares her experience of loss as a daughter and a mother, a wife and co-worker both nationally and internationally. Mindy encourages and motivates audiences to overcome life’s challenges, one day at a time.

Along with her family, Mindy started the Faith Always Wins Foundation promoting dialogue for the betterment of our world through kindness, faith and healing. In addition, as a co-founder of Workplace Healing, LLC, Mindy’s vision is changing our corporate culture from primarily a head-based environment to include a path for heart-based conversations.

Tune in as Dr. Michelle and Mindy discuss:

  • Her story of hope, faith, and healing after the murder of her son and father.
  • How we can put aside our differences to love and support each other in our communities.
  • The process she went through to forgive and find love in her heart knowing that there is good in the world despite what her family experienced.
  • Faith Always Wins Foundation’s mission to teach people about other religions, respect, and understanding.

Learn how you can make a difference in your community as Mindy shares:

  • Steps we can take to help people talk to fellow community members about hate, help them, and understand why they’re feeling what they’re feeling.
  • How parents can help their children by putting good people in their lives and broaden their horizons emotionally, physically, and mentally.
  • The event Give Seven Days: Make A Ripple, Change The World which includes their Kindness Walk on April, 26th.
  • What advice she would give to someone dealing with grief, loss, or trying to forgive.
  • Mindy Corporon
  • Podcast Host
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Corporate Consultant
  • Kindness and Faith Advocate
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