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Be the change that you wish to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi

Joining Dr. Michelle Robin on this week’s episode of the Small Changes Big Shifts podcast is the author of his first book, A Moment Of Insight, Suvrat Bhargave, M.D.. Dr. Bhargave is also a renowned and respected educator, speaker, and board-certified psychiatrist, specializing in child and adolescent psychiatry.

His uncanny ability to relate to a multi-demographic audience has allowed his practice to reach an unparalleled level of success based on empathy, education, and empowerment. Affectionately known for his “relatable expertise”, Dr. Bhargave is highly sought after to lecture locally and nationally on a broad range of topics pertaining to personal growth, effective parenting, relationship satisfaction, and mental health conditions.

After completing his residency training and specialty fellowship from Duke University, Dr. B (as he is lovingly called by his patients) continued his practice in hospitals, community health, and private practice settings.

Join Dr. Michelle this week as she and Dr. B discuss:

  • Why he felt called to specialize in child and adolescent psychiatry.
  • The shocking depression, self-harm, and suicide statistics amongst or young children and teenagers today.
  • Why there is an increase in childhood mental illness, substance abuse, and tension at home and in communities.
  • The fact that children are feeling more and more isolated and disconnected even with all of the social media platforms available to them.
  • Hist top, most effective methods to help calm yourself down during a panic attack.
  • His intention to write the book, A Moment Of Insight, to really honor the struggle and vulnerability of his patients.
  • Why he felt encouraged by his patients to share his own struggles including anxiety, childhood sexual abuse, and being bullied in his book.

Learn how we can decrease the isolation gap by:

  • Celebrating each other more.
  • Creating a greater connection at home and in the community.
  • Helping others find the professional assistance that they need.
  • Letting people know that they are in a safe space to share what they are going through and feeling.
  • Understanding that a lot of our inner wounds and healing journeys are very similar to what others experience.

Learn how to apply Dr. Bhargave’s strategies from A Moment Of Insight to your life to help you:

  • Let go of negative thinking.
  • Stop daily self-sabotage and being your worst critic.
  • See yourself in a positive way.
  • Become self-aware of how often you’re being unkind to yourself.
  • Treat yourself like you would a good friend.
  • Create new, self-empowered thought patterns and behaviors.
  • Go through your own spiritual conquest to let go of shame, love yourself, and know who you are at your core.

Go out into the world today and love the people you meet. Let your presence light new light in the hearts of others. – Mother Teresa

  • Suvrat Bhargave
  • Board-certified Psychiatrist
  • Author
  • Speaker & Educator
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