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Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.  – Earl Nightingale

Joining Dr. Michelle Robin on this week’s Small Changes Big Shifts podcast episode is Meredith Atwood who is an author, host of The Same 24 Hours Podcast, speaker, 4x IRONMAN triathlete, and coach.

Her first book, Triathlon for the Every Woman: You Can Be a Triathlete. Yes. You. has reached must-read status for beginner triathletes and anyone needing to find their way off the couch.

After completing her first IRONMAN 70.3 triathlon as a normal, non-endurance-athlete-mom of two very young kiddos, Meredith set out to show women and men that they could do anything–in the body they have right now. Her approach and philosophy to fitness and training has been ground-breaking–making fitness (and even sport) approachable and achievable for “the every person.”

Her new book, The Year of No Nonsense, is now available everywhere, including at our favorite books store in Kansas City, Rainy Day Books!

Learn more about meeting Meredith Atwood at Your Wellness Connection during her book tour on February 27th here

Join Meredith and Dr. Michelle as they discuss:

  • Her wellness journey and what lead her to begin training for triathlons.
  • How her family helped her realize that she needed to start showing up again for both them as well as for herself.
  • The moment she realized that she was stuck in the past and how she turned that around through positive habit change.
  • How even just glancing back at our past to make new connections between our childhood and our behaviors or coping mechanisms today can help us make big shifts.
  • The importance of realizing that any trauma that happened to us in the past is not our fault but it is our responsibility to get past it and move forward.
  • Understanding and accepting that there is absolutely nothing we can do to change the past and we only have now.

Learn how you can adapt a ‘No Nonsense’ mindset by:

  • Making a list of what is going well in your life and list of ‘Things that suck ass.’
  • Understanding that nonsense is subjective to every single person.
  • Recognizing the nonsense in our lives and saying ‘no’ to it.
  • Thriving in the present, identifying your problems, and utilizing Meredith’s Truth Onion Tool.
  • Realizing that the truth about yourself can give you great freedom.

Find out how you can go after the life you want by:

  • First understanding what kind of life you want.
  • Realizing your dreams and what gives you purpose each day.
  • Understanding your work ethic and what kind of environment you thrive in.
  • Identifying your individual hopes and dreams by looking back at what you liked to do during your childhood.
  • Knowing that it’s never, ever too late to start working on yourself and creating the life you want.
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