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You will never heal the body until you heal the heart. – Dr. Michelle Robin

Does your career bring you everyday joy and fulfillment? Or does it feel like there is something missing?

That is how our Small Changes Big Shifts podcast guest this week, Former Kansas City Chiefs football player turned Performance Mindset, Trainer, Speaker, Coach, and Managing Partner of Vision Pursue, Jon McGraw, felt once long ago. However, once he shifted his focus, he performed and felt better than ever before.

Through Vision Pursue, he is teaching teams in both business and sport how to also shift and take back control of what matters in order to seize the day through a life-changing “Performance Mindset.”

Join Dr. Michelle and Jon as they discuss:

  • His love of sports from a young age and many other interests including music, nature, and spending time with family in his small hometown.
  • The lows and highs he experienced working for the NFL as a professional player for the Kansas City Chiefs.
  • Why football is the ultimate team sport to him and what truly makes a great team.
  • The moment he realized that his dream job as a professional football player was not as fulfilling as he had thought it would be for him.

Listen and learn all about how to shift the mind as Jon shares:

  • The immense amount of pressure that athletes and coaches of all backgrounds from high school to professional feel on and off the field.
  • What an advanced performance mindset looks like plus the day in the life of a professional NFL player.
  • His top advice for shifting your mindset and clearing your head before you go to bed each night.

Discover how you can make stress your friend as Jon explains:

  • How we can change the narrative around stress and why it can actually be a good thing for us.
  • Vision Pursue’s acronym to help guide you when experiencing difficult emotions and stressful thoughts: SEE – Separate, Embrace, Evaluate
  • What happens to us physiologically when we believe that stress is bad for us compared to believing that the stress is there to help us.
  • How to coach yourself through occasional or daily anxiety.
  • The big problem with the untrained mind and how to flip the script to prepare it for greater higher consciousness and emotional intelligence.
  • All about the Vision Pursue app and what you as an individual or your team can gain from it.
  • Jon McGraw
  • Managing Partner of Vision Pursue
  • Performance Mindset, Trainer, Speaker, Coach
  • Former KC Chiefs football player
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