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When you know your why, it’s much easier to comply. – Dr. Michelle Robin

In this episode of Small Changes Big Shifts, Dr. Michelle Robin is joined by Kara Goldin, who is the founder and CEO of Hint Inc., the San Francisco-based healthy lifestyle company, best known for Hint Water and most recently, Hint Sunscreen.

When Kara left AOL, where she built the eCommerce business to a billion-dollar division, she recognized that she needed to put down the diet soda and make a change which led to the creation of Hint Inc.

Kara is also the host of the podcast, Unstoppable, and a regular speaker. She speaks to large teams and executives at companies, including Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, Oracle, Chobani and others to get them to think about purpose in business as well as one’s own life.

Her mission is to get the audience to think about the “why” in what they are doing today or in the future.

She’s sharing that mission with us today as both her and Dr. Michelle discuss:

  • Her personal need to create the great-tasting, naturally fruit-infused Hint Water as an aspirational water drinker herself.
  • The poor health and adult acne she had for years while drinking diet soda and then the incredible change she experienced when she switched to water.
  • The collective goal at Hint Water to help others live the healthiest lives that they can.
  • How Hint Water is helping people who are facing health struggles such as diabetes or cancer and need to drink more water.

Kara also shares the “why” behind their latest product, Hint Sunscreen, why their customers like it, and why it’s so important that it doesn’t include the ingredient, oxybenzone.

Listen and find out why switching to water, even if it’s a small change, can create big shifts in your health.

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