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It’s not too late to get the physical health and emotional well-being you desire.

Owner of Rise and Shine Wellness, Wendy Basch, joins Dr. Michelle Robin to share her mission to provide a safe place of belonging and support in which individuals gain the courage, clarity, and purpose needed to achieve their best physical health and emotional well-being.

As you listen, you’ll learn all about:

  • Her start to the health and wellness world.
  • The importance of educating and coaching people on how to live life well.
  • Why she loves wellness programming and working with people one-on-one.
  • How she launched her own pilates business, Rise and Shine Wellness
  • About the foundation, Jill’s Hope, that she started with her friend to help those with cancer.

Listen and find out about Dr. Michelle and Wendy’s new movement, The SHIFT Experience with Win for KC will help you create a tight wellness tribe, learn more about and apply the Four Quadrants of Wellbeing to your life, and connect with health professionals in the local Kansas City community.

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When you’re aware, you’re halfway there.

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