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“Remind yourself how resilient you are, keep looking for answers and you can have extraordinary health.”  – Dr. Ann Shippy

Toxicity surrounds all of us; at school, at work, in our cars, and even at home. But most of us have no idea what to look for or what to do about it when we find it.

On this Small Changes Big Shifts episode, Dr. Michelle is speaking with Internal and Functional Medicine Physician andthe Author of the Mold Toxicity Workbook and Shippy Paleo Essentials, Dr. Ann Shippy about how she creates and uses wellness using cutting-edge science, testing tools, and the latest genetic research to determine and treat root causes, not just the symptoms, of illnesses and the toxins that cause them.

Every person’s health is unique and so Dr. Shippy develops custom blueprints for identifying, diagnosing, and treating issues directly related to the environment, nutrition, and health – three areas in which external toxicity plays a profound role.

As you tune in, Dr. Shippy shares her own health issues and how she discovered that she had low-grade celiac disease as well as her mission to help people see medicine differently by looking below the surface for root causes.

In today’s episode, Dr. Michelle and Dr. Shippy really dive into the health problems that mold can cause and how to create a healthy atmosphere.

Listen and find out all about:

  • The common symptoms and health hazards of mold; especially in humid or flooded areas.
  • Why people are being misdiagnosed for mental health problems when symptoms could be caused mold.
  • Hidden mold problems to be aware of that can be caused by construction defects in homes and buildings
  • Why some people may have greater reactions to mold compared to other members of the household.

Listen and discover what small changes you can make today to prevent health issues caused by mold.

“When all else fails, breathe.” – Dr. Michelle

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