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The body is a complicated machine but it’s actually pretty simple. It doesn’t need a lot to function effectively, we just have to make sure we give it the purity and sufficiency it needs so that it can have the tools to do the things that it was designed to do. – Dr. Michelle Robin

It’s often overlooked but having healthy hormones is vital for our wellbeing and there are many outside factors that often disrupt them.

One such example is birth control and this week we have Dietitian Nutritionist and Co-Founder of the Her Hormones Academy, Robyn Johnson MS, RDN, LD, joining Dr. Michelle Robin to discuss:

  • The various reasons why women decide to use birth control from pregnancy prevention to reduce menstrual cramps to heal acne.
  • How popular forms of birth control from the pill to the copper IUD work.
  • The negative outcomes of birth control suppressing a woman’s natural hormone production in order to replace it with synthetic hormones.
  • Other possible side effects that can occur in the gut, mind, and physical body.
  • How women can support their bodies while using birth control including diet and supplements.
  • How to correctly transition off from birth control.
  • Other natural and effective methods of birth control besides the pill or copper IUD.

Listen and discover what each woman needs to know before using any type of birth control such as pills or a copper IUD including how they can create changes for a woman’s body, mood, and mental health.

If you listen to the body’s whispers, you don’t have to hear it scream. – Robyn Johnson

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