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Good health rarely comes out of a medicine bottle.– Dr. Aseem Malhotra 

Today on Small Changes Big Shifts, we are speaking to the Founder of both Local Burger and Hilary’s Eat Well and now, the Chef at Optimal Living, Hilary Brown, who is on a mission to provide people with whole, local, and delicious meals that give them energy, make them feel good, and boost their health.

However, before that goal even got put into motion, Hilary’s own wellness journey had taken a turn back in 2002 when her blood tests revealed that she had multiple food intolerances. Basically, she was allergic to the American Diet.

That discovery led her down a path of researching nutrition and developing recipes from uncommon foods. Flashforward 3 years later and she launched her first business, the restaurant, Local Burger, in Kansas City which later led her to launch Hilary’s Eat Well in 2010.

As you listen, Hilary shares how all of the forced changes happening at Hilary’s Eat Well led her on a spiritual journey to be more empathetic, curious, less critical, and become a stronger person.

Even though it was a difficult experience, she saw being pushed out of Hilary’s Eat Well as a gift and now lives by the mantra, “No mistakes.”

Listen and discover how our allergies can change over the years, why you should consider getting a food sensitivity test, the benefits of doing an elimination diet when you’re not feeling your best, and why you should ban the following 7 foods while doing a 5-30 day elimination diet:

  • Dairy
  • Gluten
  • Corn
  • Soy
  • Eggs
  • Peanuts
  • Sugar

Find out why diversifying your daily meals is so beneficial to the gut health; especially if you avoid monocrops and focus on eating foods that are high-energy, clean, and organic

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