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You can’t just blame the food. You have to look at what’s in your food, around your food, and what you’re cooking your food on. – Dr. David Friedman 

In this episode of the Small Changes Big Shifts Podcast, Author of Food Sanity, Podcast Host of To Your Good Health Radio, as well as Doctor of Naturopathy, Clinical Nutritionist and Chiropractic Neurologist, Dr. David Friedman, explores the impact of lifestyle changes and how food controls the brain, spinal chord, and the essence of who we are.

We’re so used to chasing symptoms rather than just looking for the cause but that outlook on health can change if we just pause and observe our lifestyle habits.

According to Dr. Friedman, a whopping 80% of the most common diagnoses of pain, illness, and health setbacks that he and other chiropractors find in their patients come from their lifestyle and history versus only 20% being found through examinations. How is that possible?

As you continue listening to this episode, you will discover exactly how Dr. Friedman’s patients were able to cure their leg pain and headaches simply by making small, specific lifestyle changes.

Tune in and find out why we shouldn’t eat like a Caveman but rather like our great-great grandparents in this information-packed episode.

Inch by inch, wellness is a cinch. – Dr. Robin Michelle

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