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In order to be successful, you should sleep better. – Dr. Abid Bhat

It might be surprising to find out that millions of Americans are actually suffering from sleeping disorders which are linked to other health problems such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

In this episode of Small Changes Big Shifts, Sleep Medicine Specialist and Founder of Sweet Sleep Studio, Dr. Abid Bhat, shares why sleep is quintessential for our overall physical and mental health, how he was called to become a sleep doctor, and why sleep apnea actually isn’t the most common sleep issue. 

Listen and learn how bright lights, long work hours, and the go-go-go mentality are affecting our energy levels and quality of sleep at night plus the strong relationships that poor sleep has with depression, anxiety, irritability, and weight gain for people of all ages but especially for adolescents.

In this episode you will also learn Dr. Bhat’s top three tips to help you make small changes into big shifts. 

You shouldn’t go to sleep; sleep should come to you. – Dr. Abid Bhat

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