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Your body is your strongest asset.– Erin Burch

Instead of immediately attacking chronic aches and pains, can we learn from them and heal our bodies with a different approach?

That is the point of view and mission of founder of The Burch Method, creator of Core Container™ System, author of the Create Your Ideal Body eBook, host of the Luscious For Life Podcast, and proclaimed, Body Whispererby her clients, Erin Burch.

Especially in the midst of our current opioid epidemic, self-care and awareness are more vital than ever when it comes to being safe with pain management. Through The Burch Method, Erin uses an inside approach that has not only healed others but herself as well.

The Burch Method is Erin’s own approach to healing chronic pain. At the age of 35, she was in a body that no longer felt her own after having two abdominal surgeries that left scar tissue behind which greatly affected her body and the probability of not being able to walk within five years. As time was ticking away, she decided to take matters into her own hands and thus her own holistic healing process, The Burch Method, was born and gave her new life hereafter.

As you listen to Erin’s incredible journey and self-perseverance, you will discover why the connection you have to your body, understanding the language of your body, and tracking changes in your physical self is so vital for recognizing when a holistic healing process is necessary.

As you’ll hear her explain in full, to help both her and her clients, Erin follows her own 3-step holistic healing process of:

  1. Attunement
  2. Alignment
  3. Integrity

Find out how awareness is like a crowbar; it helps you crack any tough case to find a solution and gives both your mind and body what they need.

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