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“Never worry about numbers; help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest to you.”
– Mother Teresa

Kindness has a big effect on the lives of people. Not only on the people who directly receive our compassion but even more so on the people who witness our acts of goodness from afar.

That’s the bigger picture when we do something good for another person. 

When you go out of your way to help another person, you probably have no idea how impactful that is on the people who witness you doing it. Even opening the door for another person can greatly move and inspire others.

Today, on Small Changes Big Shifts we have father, motivational speaker, hospice volunteer, author of 5-Ways to Teach Students Dignity & Respect and board member of K.I.D.S. Plus Inc., David Flood, sharing with us what kind of effect spreading kindness can have on the world, why your life is not about you but about all the people around you, and why parents should listen more to their children and talk less. 

David, whose own son, Justin, has autism, was so inspired when an opposing hockey team allowed Justin to score a goal during a game that he shared that story with the world. Today, that story has reached and impacted countless people. 

It is proof that when we help someone, it can move others to be more mindful and kind as well.

As you listen, David explains why the greatest medication for anyone who is depressed or lonely is to have someone reach out and help them. But sometimes, especially if you’re lonely, you might have to take a little step so that someone else can take a big step towards you. 

Listen and discover how simply having good thoughts about other people can manifest into bigger changes in how we treat one another.

See yourself and those around you and ask, ‘What can I do for you to make this moment better for you and in so doing make it better for both of us?’
– David Flood

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