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Always on the go with lots of energy, Jennifer Robinson worked hard at balancing her family’s life while also organizing and executing plans as a Director of Events. However, one day she noticed her energy beginning to shift and didn’t feel like she was herself anymore. She also began to gradually notice signs of fatigue, pain, thirst, dimming vision, muscle weakness, constant headache and loss of body mass. Not even Benadryl, M&Ms, or coffee could mask or help the symptoms and she knew it was time to seek help.

Seeking an answer, she discovered that even though the tick never left a mark, she had chronic Lyme Disease and so began her wellness journey. Today, she is sharing how to live a life full of gratitude through her book, Joy Warrior, as well as teaching mindfulness and meditation at a local middle school as a paraeducator.

On Small Changes Big Shifts, Jennifer is sharing her message about Chronic Lyme Disease including what people should know about it and why we should never underestimate it.

Listen and learn what ‘joy’ means to her as well as how you can tap into your own happiness whenever you are.

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